Be Extra Vigilant at Exit Ramps

This week on Tuesdays Tips: Be extra careful when approaching and passing an exit ramp on the highway.

This tip falls under the philosophies that “everyone is trying to kill you” and “ride like you are invisible”.

1) If a car is in the exit only lane or the beginning of an off ramp do not drop your guard. Assume he will change his mind and veer back into your lane. Do not ride parallel to a car that appears to be exiting. Either pass the car or leave room for him to get back in front of you. Better yet; move over one lane leaving a big cushion of space between you and the potential lane changer.

2) Assume the cars that appear to be passing the exit are going to change their mind at the last minute. Assume they are going to cut across to the exit ramp. They could be four lanes over in the hammer lane doing eighty and all of a sudden decide they want to catch this exit. Do not ride parallel to any cars if you are near an exit ramp. Leave room for them to cut across in front of you or pass them.

On the highway this is the closest thing to an intersection and we all know intersections are death traps for us bikers. Also, not all car owners have chosen to compare car insurance, thus leading to further complications in case of an accident.