2010 H-D Video featuring the new Wide Glide and Fat Boy Lo

Who has 34 new models in 2010? Harley-Davidson! That’s who! Check out this cool video featuring some of the new 2010 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Music is by Rocco DeLuca and the Burden.

Are there any bloggers out there attending the 2010 New Model Event in NYC in October?

6 Responses to “2010 H-D Video featuring the new Wide Glide and Fat Boy Lo”

  1. 34 new models and neither one of them is a new model, just different paint and different bolt-on. I wonder if H-D has watered down its line of bikes the way General Motors watered down its line of cars, by creating so much interchangeability that neither car had its own soul.

    With H-D you basically have the VROD, the Sportster, and the Twin Cam, and everything else is just bolted-on pieces.

  2. Fortunately Harley-Davidson doesn’t have to invent a Harley look a like since they have the look down pat. What they do need is a look and a marketing scope that brings them a more diverse group of buyers to take them into the future.

  3. maybe they can hire a 3rd grader to get a few new paint schemes. these same colors are horrible. so you buy a new bike and send it in for $4000 worth of paint or get it painted birch white. oh wait, that color is reserved for police bikes only. or cobalt blue-same deal, police only. its not like they ran out of paint or a person is asking too much is it? nope, just give them a duracell copper top bike. now see why i think a 3rd grader could do better?

  4. Will the owner of a black Harley-Davidson please stand up.

  5. if it was good enough for henry ford and the model T, its good enough for me. how many colors are there, jay? how many bikes does h-d sell a year? did you look at the paint offerings this year? i did. i’m stuck with black and silver because everything else is strange looking. will the owner of the ultra classic in oakland raiders colors report to their bike…someone just painted a Beagle-i mean eagle on it.

  6. All good questions, which leads me to my next post…

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