Route Summary from Delaware to Connecticut

I would like to take this opportunity to document our travel route from Delaware to New Milford Connecticut. Most of it is listed as we did it but some of it is how we think we were supposed to do it or might try it next time.

 1) The first leg of the trip is to get from Wilmington, Delaware to Rt 29 River Road north of Trenton. We took I95 from Wilmington, DE up through Philadelphia. Once you cross the Delaware River you take the first exit in New Jersey which is Exit 1. The next time I do this I am going to cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge and go up I295 and get off at Rt 129 and Rt 29 and cut through Trenton. This could be better than going through Philly, but we will see.

Geroge Washington Crossing Park

2) The next leg of the trip is Rt 29 and Rt 513. River Road follows the meandering Delaware River, passes George Washington Crossing State Park. Rt 29 ends and Rt 513 begins in Frenchtown, New Jersey. Rt 513 runs north east to West Milford New Jersey and is 85 miles long. During colonial times this road was used to move iron ore for munitions. If you follow Rt 513 be careful when you get to Dover, NJ because there is a lack of signage for this route though town. From Prospect Street bang a right onto West Blackwell Street and follow it all the way to the end and then bang a left onto what I believe is Rockaway Road. One might bypass Dover by taking a right onto Rt 10 and use a jughandle to take a left onto Franklin Road to Franklin Ave. Take a left on Main Street in Rockaway. Take a right on Church Street to get back on Rt 513.

3) Rt 513 ends in West Milford. We beared right at the Shop Rite shopping plaza. I think this is Rt 696 Marshall Hill Road. It merges with Rt 511 Greenwood Lake Turnpike. This road takes you down through the scenic Wanaque Reservoir. Keep an eye out for a sharp left onto Sloatsburg Road which is Rt 697. This road will take you through Ringwood Manor State Park and will become Sterling Mine Road once you cross into New York state. Sterling Mine Road, or Rt 72, will dump you onto Rt 17 North in Sloatsburg, NY. There is a cool biker friendly tavern on the right called the Rhodes North Tavern .

Inside the Rhodes North Tavern

4) The 4th leg is the best. It has the best scenery and the best roads. Some of it is how we think it should go, not how we actually went. From Rt 17, just past the Rhodes North tavern take a right onto Seven Lakes Drive. Seven Lakes takes you past seven lakes and through Harriman and Bear Mountain State Parks. We exited the park onto the Palisades parkway and took the exit for Route 6 East to the Bear Mountain Bridge to cross the Hudson River. On the other side of the river stay on Rt 6 to the right along the cliffs of the New York Military Reservation on the Hudson River. Take the Bear Mountain Parkway briefly to Rt 63 heading north on North Division Street. This will become Oregon Road which will become Oscawana Lake Road. Take a left onto Canopus Hollow Road which merges with Dennytown Road. At the end of Dennytown take a right onto Rt 301. This is Clarence Fahnestock State Park. Rt 301 ends in Carmel, NY. If you want to go directly to Danbury from Carmel, follow Rt 301 to the end and take a right onto Rt 52 heading south about a block before you catch Rt 6 East which will take you into Connecticut and to Danbury.

We exited Rt 302 at the Taconic Parkway and took the parkway north to Beekman Road. We took Beekman past Rt 55 and took a right onto Wingdale Rd which is Rt 21. We followed Rt 21 east to Rt 55 which took us across the border into Connecticut. Rt 55 ends at Rt 7 just south of Kent. We took Rt 7 South to West Milford. I would recomend taking the Taconic Parkway further north in order to cut over to Rt 7 and come back down Rt 7 depending on how much time you have.

We could possibly take a 1 day trip up to the Berkshires using the Taconic Parkway to get us as north as we can get before nigthfall. Then wake up and come down Rt 7.  Or we could scoot west to the Catskills which I have never been to in my entire life. Hmm… what to do next?