There are backroads in New Jersey!

By George! There really are backroads in New Jersey! 

On Sunday August 30th Diana and I hit the road at 9:30am to see if we could get to Bear Mountain in New York by way of backroads through New Jersey and make it home at a decent hour. We didn’t make it to the New York Border, but we were close before we took a wrong turn and inadvertently got lost. We rolled into the garage at 9:00pm and had logged 384 miles. During that 11.5 hour trek we rode Interstates and backroads and some Main Streets. We crossed the Delaware River 4 times. Most of the day was a success but getting home was less than strategic as I made several wrong turns, mistakes and bad decisions… but we felt in control even when we were temporarily lost and we had ourselves an adventure. We explored River Road on both sides of the Delaware River north of Trenton. Passed the George Washington crossing on both sides where the revolutionary war took a positive turn for our side. I couldn’t help but imagine our General and his troops marching on Trenton that cold December evening. We rode through small towns in the hills and mountains of New Jersey and I could swear we were in the Berkshires of New England. We rode Rt 513 up through New Jersey and proved there is a scenic backroad that can take us up to the New York border. We visited the Delaware Water Gap and rode a good protion of scenic Rt 519. On the downside, or the up side depending on how you look at it, we survived going through Camden, NJ by way of Rt 130 and lived to tell about it. I’m glad we didn’t become another murder statistic. We had to pay a toll to get back into Delaware by way of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. The best thing is we found a viable route that will take us to Connecticut without using the Turnpike or the Parkway and we did it on our own. We had great weather and a great ride. We had very little down time during the 11.5 hours so we were toast by time we got home. I can’t wait to hit the road again this weekend.