Frame Mounted Harley-Davidson Bottle Opener

The bike that has everything

I drink Yuengling bottles which have twist offs, but I think this Harley-Davidson Frame Mounted Bottle Opener is a post worthy accessory. I realize it’s not chrome, but I could overlook that if I was camping on a motorcycle trip and I needed a cold one and it didn’t have a twist off and I was desparate for a beer and there was no other bottle cap popper handy. Caps off to the owner of this Harley-Davidson motorcycle and its owner.

Bottle Opener Close Up

2 Responses to “Frame Mounted Harley-Davidson Bottle Opener”

  1. A great accessory, but I have to question the mounting position. I’d be little afraid of burning my wrist as I reached down past the exhaust pipe at 70 or so to pop a cap.

  2. I dig this. I agree with Canajun. A higher position and on the other side might be better because if you ever need to drink and ride. The current position wouldn’t work very well traveling at 80mph!

    You know what though. This is a good idea. I can’t tell you how many times I have been on the road and had some guy or gal ask me if I had a bottle opener.

    My Dentist also approves of this bling.

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