I Got Lei’d!

We got lei’d

I got lei’d three times and Diana got two. Daryl must have gotten very lucky, he got four. In total eight First Staters got lei’d yesterday at the Old Glory Chapter’s “Get Lei’d” Hawaiian theme poker run in Laurel, Maryland. See picture above of us posing with Phil Kraft, proud Director of Old Glory. He is the one in the grass skirt. We left with 6 First State members, met up with two more at the Old Glory dealership and rode home with 8 (no passengers). Diana took the lead most of the day and lead us on a fantastic back road tour of central Maryland through horse farms and past Cal Ripkens house. I’m hoping we won furthest traveled which would bring our total up to eight awards earned so far this year.

I’m extra glad we had such a great day yesterday because today was a washout. I had committed to leading a ride leaving at 10:30am to the Rally For RAACE preregistration party in Darlington, MD. The weather report read 85% chance of rain and possibility of severe storms. We put our rain jackets on and went to the pick up spot at 10:00am. Only one member showed up. I said there are many rides that start out sunny and you hope the weather report is wrong and you ride anyway; most of the time the weather report is right and we get a little wet but have a good time. This was not one of those days. It was already starting to rain at 10:20am and was gonna get worse and there is no chance of having a nice ride. We were close to home and decided to stay dry and call it a day. We put the bikes away at 10:40am and went to the study to write this post and no sooner did I start tap tap tapping on the keyboard and the rain storm from hell broke loose with about twenty minutes of torential downpour, strong winds, thunder and lightning. The power flickered and went out for a few seconds so I had to start the post over again.

Today may be a washout but at least a bunch of us got lei’d and had a great ride yesterday.

Hot Hawaiian Babes from HOG