Did you ever not enjoy riding?

There have been a number of motorcycle accidents this year within my circle of influence. Of course most notable is the tragic accident that occured on April 24th while I was riding sweep on the way to the outer banks of North Carolina. A friend was killed and two were injured with broken bones. I have been to the local hospital on three other occasions to visit friends who have gone down. The thought of a motorcycle accident happening to one of my friends while we are out riding is no longer a wild notion of what could happen but a reality that I expect to reoccur at any moment. It is a heavy burden on my mind and keeps me from enjoying the ride like I used to. At the moment I ride, but it is not a relaxing ride. I’m not writing this to bring anyone down… I’m writing this in hopes that some of you have experienced this feeling and can tell me how long it lasted. When will I return to a normal state of motorcycle bliss? Please do share your stories.