I am Yoda!

I am Yoda Yoda

Sorry I have not been posting very much lately, we have been riding more than writing this season. I have also been taken over by the force and have taken on the persona of the master jedi… Yoda!

May the Force be with you!

5 Responses to “I am Yoda!”

  1. Striking resemblance!

  2. Ride while you can and when you can’t ride then you will have time to write. Be safe you two and have fun!

  3. i thought the phrase in this case might be “may the schwartz be with you” . remember YOU wear the super deluxe jedi helmet w/ 3 visors, 2 windshield wipers, dual antennas and a heads up view from behind with speed and other info. guess i’m just jealous, mr. green.

  4. The Schwartz is with all of us at First State. I’m jealous of your new J&M CB radio. Can’t wait til you get it hooked up and tell me first hand how it works out.

  5. 10-4, good buddy. i’ll try’n turn this here rig ’round in less’n 40 acres. i’ll be a ketchin’ u ona flip-flop. seriously, w/ the knee problem, i’ll probably strip it down and install this week. having 1 h of a time getting around. dr. wasn’t much help either.

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