WILD HOGS – Movie Review


When I first watched WILD HOGS I thought it was a funny little movie and could relate to the dichotomy that exists between Old School bikers and modern day suburbanites who ride brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I had the DVD but it collected a lot of dust until my friend Bullslap mentioned one night how much he loves that movie. Since then I have watched it dozens of times, memorized most of the lines and laugh beforehand in anticipation of certain scenes and punchlines.

Check out the WILD HOG website at this link and watch the trailer: http://video.movies.go.com/wildhogs/

I think this movie is a riot and after a few beers there is nothing better than a game of WILD HOG Trivia where you make up your own questions and try to stump your friends who also enjoy this movie. Get it, watch it and memorize it.

Question: According to Ray Liotta’s character what is the joke?

Answer: Suburban assholes who wear leather outfits and think they’re bikers.

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