July 2009 East Coast Biker Online

east Coast Biker Online July 2009

Check out the July 2009 issue of East Coast Biker Online! Diana’s article In The Groove is on page 22. Joker’s monthly New England Update is on page 58 and my monthly Product Review is on page 60. Click Here!

5 Responses to “July 2009 East Coast Biker Online”

  1. Great articles!

  2. Thanks Ann, you da best!

  3. Awesome. Now I can say that I have had interaction with some celebs! Good stuff. Sometimes I forget that there is a whole buttload of people just starting the motorcycle journey. I forget about things like raingrooves and sloped turns.

    Good stuff and congrats on being published

  4. You all be getting so famous I’m feeling the urge to shine my riding boots and dress up to hang out here!

  5. Dave and Dan, you guys rock!
    Dave you remind me of a thought that has been percolating in my head about the term “Newbie” and how it is sometimes used in a negative manner… like the word “virgin”. Those of us who are more mature can look back on that stage in our life with awe. I wish I was a Newbie and this was a whole new world all over again.
    Maybe we could write a song to the music of Madonna’s famous hit in the eighties but it will be “Like a Newbie, riding for the very first time….”

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