Riding with the Head Road Captain

It’s me! The princess of biker blogging.

Today I pre-rode next week’s “Yuengling Factory Tour & Ride” with First State HOG’s Head Road Captain.  I was up at the crack of dawn (and I thought I was supposed to be on summer vacation?) to head out for this 200-mile all-day affair.  The weather was perfect (it has finally stopped raining) – low 80’s, partly cloudy, and not too humid.  I can’t think of a much better way to spend a summer day.

The route our HRC planned is challenging and will be great fun!  We ride through the sights, sounds, and smells of Amish farm country for quite aways up in Pennsylvania – dodging buggies and road apples of course!  There was actually one point today where there was practically a horse-and-buggy traffic jam!

There are twists, turns, and switchbacks galore.  Inclined starts and steep declined stops.  There is this one long sweeping 20-mph blind curve that just keeps on going until you swear you must’ve done a full 360.  Even the twisties have twisties!

At one point I pulled up alongside the HRC at a stop sign.  He asked me (as he had all day) how I was doing, and I replied “That section requires VIDEO!!!”  (Hopefully I will have figured out how to work the video feature on my handlebar camera by next week.  It should be awesome to watch!)

I got lots of chances to cruise along trying out my new engine-guard-mounted highway pegs.  (More on those later too)

The ride challenged me to confront some of my riding weaknesses, and build my confidence in those areas.  There was also opportunity to add a few more miles of experience riding the superslab.  Now I just have to conquer “The Bay Bridge” and I will no longer consider myself a novice rider!  Altogether it was a great day! I enjoyed the route and the supportive company of our Head Road Captain. I feel as though I improved my skills quite a bit, not to mention I hit the 5,000 mile mark on my new Dyna Super Glide. Now I need to get an oil change!

I can’t wait to do this ride again for real next week!  Maybe HRC will let me ride wing…

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  1. Looking forward to the video. Riding with experienced riders is a great way to learn and build confidence.

  2. It was my pleasure to have you ride with me today… I don’t consider you a novice rider.. You kept up with me even though i was trying not to ride like I wanted to and fly thru the turns, grinding away more of my floor boards and lower exhaust pipe..Bet that would have been cool in the dark, watching the sparks fly. As for riding wing on wednesday????????? The spot is yours, you can ride wing for me anytime…

  3. I think I’m reading the blog of a woman who is destined to ride the “Tail of the Dragon”

    HRC? Care to share the route???


  4. rob send me your email address and I will send to the route.. headroadcaptain@firststaehog.org

  5. Wish I could go on the ride. I’ll have to live vicariously. Hopefully you can capture the twisties on video.

  6. This particular ride route is privlidged information for region 7 HOG chapters only and can not be shared with a Connecticut Yankee. Sorry Rob.

  7. dear mr. green,
    pray tell you do not deny your own roots from our cradle of liberty? please give our two wheeled comrade a break here.

  8. OK, we will share with our friends from Ghost Chapter… but only if they promise to come down and visit us. And they have to bring the big funny guy from Texas!

  9. Next week we will have you conquer “THE BIG BRIDGE” That will be on “Million Mile Monday” You can DO IT. And If anyone wants info on any of my rides that I put together JUST ASK

  10. Correction, HRC, I’ll be going across the Bay bridge on Saturday to get my Brain Frozen, and then AGAIN on Million Mile Monday! By the time we visit America’s Oldest Brewery that bridge will be old news! LOL

  11. Okay, well if I have to bring Jerry I will try. No promises though.

    My email address is


  12. That’s great! You have to get the video cam going for us! I love that you wrote about the Amish traffic jam and the smells. I look forward to more of your trips.

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