Women Riders Rock!

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Sometimes when the day’s original ride is over you just aren’t ready to put the kickstand down for the night.  Such was the case the weekend before last. We had a nice ride out to Broom’s Bloom Dairy in Belair, Maryland for farm fresh ice cream. When we got back to Bear, Delaware most of the riders went on their merry way after saying “goodbye” at our final stop. Six riders were not quite ready to call it a day: Jay, Rich, Dana, Gladys, Paula & myself.  Yes, you read that right…TWICE as many women riders as men!

Dana had to get back to north Wilmington, but she wasn’t really sure how to get there from where she was, so Jay led the way from Bear through Newark and over towards Rt 141.  Along the way we dropped off Gladys at the Christiana Hospital to visit a friend; and the women still outnumbered the men 3 to 2.  Eventually Rich and Dana peeled out of the group to head to their homes, so we were down to 2 women and 1 man.

Since we were near the beginning of the covered bridge tour from the previous week… Paula, Jay, & I rode most of that route back around through woods, parks, and twisty roads towards Newark.  On the way we bumped into another women rider, Marty,  from our HOG chapter who pulled up to us at a Stop sign to say “Hi.”

Now that Jay had ridden the Covered Bridge Tour near a half-dozen times, he had all of the turns memorized so he didn’t have to creep along looking for the next turn.  And since there weren’t 20 bikes following along behind us, the three of us cruised at a pretty good clip.

When we got back to downtown Newark we stopped at the Deer Park Tavern for nachos and a Yuengling. We had tons of fun, and it was just what we needed to cap off a great day of riding. We covered over 130 miles, and the best part of all was THE WOMEN ROCKED!

Stay tuned as we visit the Yuengling Brewery for a private tour the first week of July. This should be a great ride!

4 Responses to “Women Riders Rock!”

  1. Very cool! This post made me smie. ;}

  2. Cool. Glad to see you got out and showed the boys how it’s done.

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    that I have really liked browsing your posts. In any case
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  4. And the women continue to rock! On today’s group ride, the lineup was: couple, girl, couple, girl, girl, girl, guy, girl, girl, guy, couple. Way to go ladies, let’s keep it up!

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