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Air HornBe heard! Oftentimes having a pair of loud pipes is not enough! Occasionally you need a loud burst directed in front of you to get the attention of a cager and it’s times like this that the Harley-Davidson® Premium Air Horn Kit part # 96423-05 can be a life saver! In comparison to the stock horn, this horn is much louder and it can be the difference between someone noticing you and not noticing you. In my opinion, this horn is comparable to the horn of a mid size car; definitely not your standard useless motorcycle horn. This horn has some honk to it! The premium air horn kit retails for $139.95 and requires the additional purchase of a model specific mounting kit. When you weigh being noticed in a close call versus missed wages, pain and suffering due to an accident this is a no brainer; it’s a good investment.

Whether you purchase this horn or not, please practice finding the horn button with your thumb so that you can find it automatically when you need to honk! Now that I have a horn that can be heard, I cover the horn button with my thumb in situations where I might need it… like going through an intersection or parking lot. Or when a cager is nosing his way out of a side street or driveway. I think the air horn is helpful for lead Road Captains to warn these nosers that a whole string of bikes is coming through, “so back up cager!”

The installation of this product may be something that you want your dealer to perform. I purchased mine at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson in New Castle, Delaware. They installed it for me and it works great! I love it! If you have any questions about this genuine Harley-Davidson product please contact Parts & Service Director at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson 302-658-8800

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  1. That’s pretty cool. I’d like to get one of these for my bike.

  2. I’ll put in a good word with Big D and maybe he will get you one for Christmas!

  3. I use my horn a lot in town and it never seems to be loud enough. Your review has me thinking upgrade.

    On another matter, I need to get a couple more of those adapters to the tether. A couple of my friends saw it and loved it so I thought I would get a couple of birthday gifts that someone actually wants. If you would give me the info, I would appreciate it.

  4. I say get the upgrade, you’ll love honking at people! It’s alot more fun when they hear you.
    We have plenty of the 12 Volt Power Ports. How many would you like?

  5. I like it. It looks good too. I might just look into one.

  6. Go for it!

  7. HELP! I have had mine for about two and a half years. At first, the sound was great, like a Mack truck. As of late it sound mor like a sick cow. My dealer did not have an answer other than “maybe it needs to be cleaned” I can not find any instructions or troubleshooting info in the papers that came in the package.I have spoken with two other who are having the same issues.

  8. I would buy a new one if all else fails. Two and half years isn’t too bad.

  9. Harley Air Horns are affordable, if you know where to shop:


  10. I agree with Trish, only mine never sounded anything like a Mack truck. I have talked to the dealer where I have spent countless dollars and the only thing they say is just what Trish said, it may be dirty. Does anyone know how to clean one? I have tried hard to keep my 2005 Road King all Harley parts and this horn is the biggest peice of garbage I have ever purchased. Any help let me know.

  11. […] AIR HORNS RIVCO Products, Inc.*::*Harley-Davidson*::*Air Horns – Harley Davidson Air-Horns Road Captain USA.com ? Harley-Davidson Air Horn Good luck! Looking forward to see/hear about your installation and what horns you choose in the […]

  12. I have the HD Air Horn and it was louder than my stock horn. After 2 years the sound began to fade so I removed it and cleaned it. No change. Than I bought the kuryakyn hidden horns and installed them along with the HD air horn (instructions provided in kuryakyn horn kit) and alone the “K” horn is awesome…with the HD Horn it is phenomenal.

    As for the loss of sound…check your ground. I good way to ensure that you have good ground is to simply remove the horn from the bracket and reinstall. this will reestablish the ground.


  13. The horn was great. Loved it, then all of a sudden it stopped working unless you hold pressure on it while using it. Ever tried to do this while riding ? Well I haven’t and probably never will. Shame it failed because the wife and I both loved the upgrade. Not willing to pay the price again.

  14. I finally bit the bullet and threw away the harley air horn. I bought a Howard Horn, two trumpets made of metal, not plastic like the harley junk I had on my bike. I hate waisting money but what a relief. It has opened my eyes to the fact that harly may make the best bikes but their after market parts can leave a lot to be desired.

  15. Good for you Mickey! It seems nobody has a problem wasting money on chrome, pipes and other shit that doesn’t serve any real function… just fashion. I’m glad you spent the money to replace the air horn with a better one. I bet most of us spend that much on dumb t-shirts in one year. The horn is worth it!

  16. Just installed new Harley Davidson air horn on my girl friends bike and it sounds sick (BAD). Have one for my bike but I’m not sure I want to install it after hearing this one.
    The wire size looks a little small for an air horn, anyone have any ideas? Harley is off base with a high price, poor quality horn.

  17. Purchased the H-D Air Horn in 2009 work good for 2-1/2 years. It broke due to engine and road vibration on my 2008 Road King. Harley-Davidson no longer carries the Air Horn or replacement parts. What has riders replace this H-D Air Horn? Please advise on a replacement air horn.

  18. I recommend you contact the friendly folks at Cycle Accessory Store: http://www.cycleaccessorystore.com

  19. I’ve had the kuryakyn horn for about 8 years. Every couple of years the compressor losses compression. I replace it with a $20.00 horn compressor from Auto Zone and it will work great for another couple of years.

  20. Thanks for the tip Matt!

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