Harley-Davidson Air Horn

Air HornBe heard! Oftentimes having a pair of loud pipes is not enough! Occasionally you need a loud burst directed in front of you to get the attention of a cager and it’s times like this that the Harley-Davidson® Premium Air Horn Kit part # 96423-05 can be a life saver! In comparison to the stock horn, this horn is much louder and it can be the difference between someone noticing you and not noticing you. In my opinion, this horn is comparable to the horn of a mid size car; definitely not your standard useless motorcycle horn. This horn has some honk to it! The premium air horn kit retails for $139.95 and requires the additional purchase of a model specific mounting kit. When you weigh being noticed in a close call versus missed wages, pain and suffering due to an accident this is a no brainer; it’s a good investment.

Whether you purchase this horn or not, please practice finding the horn button with your thumb so that you can find it automatically when you need to honk! Now that I have a horn that can be heard, I cover the horn button with my thumb in situations where I might need it… like going through an intersection or parking lot. Or when a cager is nosing his way out of a side street or driveway. I think the air horn is helpful for lead Road Captains to warn these nosers that a whole string of bikes is coming through, “so back up cager!”

The installation of this product may be something that you want your dealer to perform. I purchased mine at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson in New Castle, Delaware. They installed it for me and it works great! I love it! If you have any questions about this genuine Harley-Davidson product please contact Parts & Service Director at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson 302-658-8800

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