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Covered Bridge Ride

A few weeks ago I got a new toy: the Go Pro Helmet Hero camera.  Not wanting to look like a total dork with a camera sticking off the top of my head, I attached it to my handlebars with a special attachment purchased separately.  The perfect opportunity to experiment with my new toy arose when First State HOG chapter went on their local Covered Bridge Tour.

It’s a long story, but the route got passed through several pairs of hands before it landed in Jay’s lap.  The two of us pre-rode the trip several times over Memorial Day weekend making changes to suit our needs and adding two more bridges to the original six.  With the help of a couple of our chapter’s veteran Road Captains, we made the necessary adjustments for taking a large group of bikes along this challenging route.  The tour passes through 8 covered bridges in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.  Along the way you ride through woods, rolling hillsides, and country farms.  Many of the roads are narrow with no shoulder or guardrail.  There are blind curves, steep grades, and inclined stops just to keep it interesting.

The weather was gorgeous for our pre-rides as well as the following weekend when 20+ bikes joined us for a hugely successful trip.  Despite the fact that several of our gentlemen were riding solo that day, we still had a total of 30 people to wrap up the ride with dinner at Wesley’s Seafood Restaurant in Fair Hill, Maryland.

Covered Bridge Ride FSH

I had the Go Pro Helmet Hero set to take pictures 2 seconds during the pre-ride and every 5 seconds during the official chapter dinner ride. In total the camera took 4000 pictures. I edited them down to 88 and posted them to Flickr. Click here to see the complete set of photos (taken mostly by my Helmet Hero camera) on Flickr.

I have never seen so many people request a copy of the route after a ride.  Everyone had lots of fun.  The route is fabulous!  Last weekend a couple of us re-ran a good portion of the route on our own.  With only 3 bikes, and no longer having to follow directions step-by-step since Jay now has the route memorized, we were able to fly through some of the twisties at a brisker pace than with such a large group as we had done before.  It is even more enjoyable that way – not only great scenery, but fun to ride too!  As Lem would say “It’ll really make your ass pucker!”

A full product review of the Helmet Hero camera is coming soon…

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  1. First, I don’t know what it is about covered bridges but they’re are so cool! A few years ago the mister and I did a tour of covered bridges in NH and VT. It was really fun!

    Second, that little helmet camera takes some pretty good pictures! Good score!

  2. Oooohhh, I bet the rumble was sweet going through those covered bridges!

  3. Sounds like that is just about a perfect ride and the scenery is gorgeous.

    I’ve been wondering about a helmet mounted camera and like your idea of the handlebar attachment. There’s so many times I want a picture but can’t pull off the road. Looking forward to your review.

    Mr. Motorcycle is so right – it must have been quite a purr in those bridges!

  4. Once again you have provided a good product demo, along with a really nice narritive regarding the ride and the tested product!’

  5. Just bleeping awesome! Now that’s my kinda ride. I agree; that little cam takes some pretty good pix. I’m looking forward to the detailed product review. I may just have to get one myself. Just like Kathy said, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a great photo op and had to just keep on going.

    I’m sure your ass will be puckering all summer!

  6. Well, as my dear ol’ dad used to say “I wish I had that one and he had a better one.”

    Very cool gadget!


  7. There’s just something about covered bridges. They’re so charming. Glad you all had a good ride. Looking forward to the product review, too!

  8. I saw this camera in one of the aftermarket stores here and I am glad to see the pics you tooks. They look pretty darn good! I don’t blame you for not wanting to wear it on your helmet… they are squared in the look, but the way you hooked it up made some great photos of some nice bridges and roads. I have noticed though, that when I wear my helmet cam…more people take notice and drive safer. Have you seen that?

  9. How do you get the route for this ride?

  10. Can I get a copy of your directions for this ride? My better half and I have rode through 15 covered bridges in PA and Maryland, our little fun thing to do!

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