Girl Gets Inked, Again

Once upon a time a handsomely inked prince went on a date with this girl who said “I don’t understand.  Why do people do that to themselves?”  The prince patiently described the story behind each of his five tattoos.  The girl watched a few episodes of Miami Ink and found a documentary on the History Channel about the history of tattooing.  Then she began to understand…

Ankle Left

A few years later, the girl decided to honor the memory of her mother who had been killed in a tragic car accident long ago by having an anklet of daisies tattooed around her ankle.  Daisies were her mother’s favorite flowers.

Ankle Right

That summer the girl married the prince in the grandest wedding ever!  People came from California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Maine to a quaint little town on the C&D Canal called Chesapeake City, Maryland, to witness the event.  She truly felt like a princess that day, and when she looked at the daisies around her ankle she knew that her mom was there with her to celebrate the occasion.

A moment alone

So the prince and the princess lived happily ever after, riding their Harleys off into the sunset.

Chesapeake City Bridge

But the story doesn’t end there.  You see, the happy couple made lots of great friends while riding their Harleys.  Together with these terrific people, they rode to far away villages like the mountains of West Virginia, the Little Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, Skyline Drive in Virginia, a fall foliage trip to Connecticut and Massachusetts, and to the beaches of the Outer Banks North Carolina.  The princess loved riding her Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide alongside her handsome prince on his Dyna Low Rider. 

The princess was so in love with the prince, and she thanked God every day for this amazingly wonderful new life that she had begun.  She decided to commemorate the special day that started it all by getting another tattoo.  It took her six months to create the design of her wedding flowers, and finally on her birthday she went to make an appointment to get inked again.

wedding flowers

Terry Manning at Wildcard Studios in Marshallton, DE is widely known as one of the best tattoo artists in the state of Delaware.  He generally books appointments a year in advance.  But as luck would have it, he had a cancellation for Memorial Day weekend.  So the princess sat under the needle for nearly 4 hours while the master worked his magic.

New tattoo all goo’ed up

The result is a fabulous work of art with stunning detail.  It includes a stargazer lily, red roses, daisies (of course), and the late addition of a hummingbird.  The bird remembers a fellow woman rider and true friend who was lost just last month while riding her Softail Deluxe.  Karen always had my back, so I can’t think of a better place for her to live on forever.

Pot belly humming bird

Now the prince says that his princess looks “like a real biker chick.”  What he doesn’t realize is that the smile on her face is there because she couldn’t be happier now that she lives the fairy tale every day with him.

Biker Chick