Salute to Women on Harleys

Watch the behind the scenes footage from Harley-Davidson’s new print campaign in the June Issue of Vanity Fair that salutes women riders and encourages females who have not yet hit the road on two wheels to “experience life with no regrets.” The women featured are health and wellness expert and NBCs The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels; Grammy┬«-winning singer-songwriter Jewel; television and film actor Tricia Helfer; and Los Angeles rider/entrepreneur Deborah DiMiceli.

5 Responses to “Salute to Women on Harleys”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this…thank you ­čÖé

  2. Ok, now I can dig this one. They actually ride so I can’t bitch about it. Very cool, very cool.

  3. Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very cool! And I have a new goal, now. I want nice, defined arms like that first chick…WOW!!!

  5. I love Tricia Helfer, but the Italian in me wants to feed her. Nothing really here that we all didn’t already know, but I think it’s a great effort to reach out to the ladies who may be “on the fence.” It’s true what they said, if you let fear hold you back and never try, then you don’t accomplish much in life. The women I ride with add so much to our experiences on the road I can’t even tell you; I couldn’t imagine my Chapter without them. So, if this vid helps get a few more gals in the saddle, this guy is all for it.

    Oh, BTW, RC – I received your gift from Rich last night at our meeting. That was very thoughtful of you, and each item is something I can and will absolutely use. I must tell you I was relieved when I saw the size of the box; I knew right away it couldn’t possibly contain your old boots. Nice wrapping job too Diana! I’m truly touched and I thank you both very much.

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