Women Riders Month

Princess on Christmas Day

Female Ride Day was introduced in Canada in 2007.  Held on the first Friday in May, this event was created to celebrate the number of women who have chosen to take the front seat and ride their own motorcycles.  Vicki Gray, the founder of the campaign, wanted to raise awareness of female riders and encourage other women to take up the sport.

Female Ride Day was such a success in Canada that it went international the following year.  Women across the United States, Australia, Europe, and of course Canada got out on their bikes to demonstrate their passion for riding.  Some rode on highways and some on back roads.  Some rode solo and some in organized groups.  They rode all types, makes, and models of motorcycles.  But most importantly they got out there to ride!

Diana rides her Sportster

There are 4.3 million female riders on the road today.  We comprise 12% of Harley owners and 18% of all motorcyclists, and our numbers are growing.  Just look at how many women riders we have in our little community of moto-bloggers!

This year the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has decided to get into the act.  This is not surprising since the MoCo has been making great strides in catering toward the female motorcyclist of late.  They have declared the entire month of May to be the first ever Women Riders Month.  The celebration will kick off on International Female Ride Day next Friday, May 1st with special rides for ladies.  Karen Davidson will lead a ride in New York City; and in Milwaukee country-artist Krista Marie will lead a ride ending at the Harley-Davidson museum.


The Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Rider’s Edge are teaming up the first weekend in May to offer Basic Rider courses to women across the nation.  The goal is to set a Guiness World record of 100,000 women trained to ride in one weekend.  With the overwhelming success of Million Mile Monday last year, my money is on them far surpassing that mark!

Ladies, we are making great strides in the motorcycling community.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with the release of Tami Walker’s book Why We Ride which shines a spotlight on women who have hit the open road on two wheels — it shares our stories of how and why we began motorcycling.

You can order this book (click here) and read all about me, BB, Lady R, KT Did, and many others!

Karen on her big girl bike

If you already sit behind the handlebars, then get out there and ride next Friday!  And if you have not yet taken the controls, I encourage you to celebrate Women Riders Month by signing up for a Basic Rider course.  We’ve come a long way, now let’s get out there and ride!