The Dennis Kirk Blonde Model

Thanks to our readers we finally know who the hot chick with the short blonde hair is!

I wrote a post about Dennis Kirk last April and have been receiving hits at Road Captain USA several times a day ever since then from people doing Google searches for the “Dennis Kirk Hot Blonde” and “Who is the Dennis Kirk Blonde Model”. The number one search phrase that brings visitors to my blog at 233 hits and counting is: “Dennis Kirk Model”.

Thanks to a comment from Billy the search is over. We have identified the sassy looking model for as professional model Cari Jedlicki. She is listed at Wehmann Agency, Minneapolis Minnesota.

Click here to read Are There Real Models in the Twin Cities? at (see below for some quotes from the article)

If the Twin Cities has a contemporary supermodel, her name is Cari Jedlicki.

Cari Jedlicki is the Only Real Model in the Twin Cities.

13 Responses to “The Dennis Kirk Blonde Model”

  1. She’s pretty and the best thing is… she is wearing chaps, a jacket and the helmet is there waiting to be worn.

  2. My eyes must be getting bad. I thought that was an old photo of Christina Applegate.

  3. You are right KTD, she is pretty and smart… and smart is sexy!
    Joker, regarding your eye sight going bad. I’m not going to touch that, but it was a good set up.

  4. She is beautiful, and the great thing is she looks hot without having to look like some hooker that was picked up on the side of the road. Ok, sorry, it’s one of those days, but she is hot.

  5. All I wanna know is, “Does she ride, and if she does, what?”…that’s it.

    Nice to look at, sorta like a show bike, but can she ride hard? errr…don’t have interest in a ride that can’t get down and dirty. Hey! I wonder what she looks like all dirty…Hmmm….I wonder….

  6. I bet she has a 2009 Street Glide and rides like a beast!

  7. On the one hand, it’s nice to know who she is. On the other, sometimes it’s just as nice to keep the mystery. Then they can be whatever you want.

  8. she is also the new bra model for Check it out

  9. That’s great, thanks for the update. Just goes to show her agency is doing a great job of getting her uplifting work and keeping her career on Target.

  10. “uplifting” work??? really Jay…

  11. Heartland America catalogs also uses her for the Purple Passion Pillow ad dressed in a red bra and panties. I used to think she was hot too, then I saw the pillow ad. Just another too skinny blonde to me now.

  12. Her agent gets her jobs that penetrate deep into the American market. Take a close look at this purple passion pillow…
    “Enhance your passion and your pleasure with the Purple Passion Pillow! Specially designed to provide the perfect position for both maximum comfort and maximum enjoyment, the Purple Passion Pillow will send both men and women to new heights! Helps support muscles, protect bones and create the perfect angle for extra deep penetration. Features 100% soft polyurethane design that’s durable and easy to clean.”
    I’m glad it’s easy to clean.

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