Urban Freestyle Trials

This video strikes a chord in me that is hard to explain. I wish I could ride like this. I think the music and the video are put together great. Check out Julien Dupont ride trials in a urban setting to tecno hip hop. I saw this at Allen Madding’s Musings which I couldn’t comment on because I don’t have a Google account. Allen, please change that setting.

3 Responses to “Urban Freestyle Trials”

  1. I also saw this on Allen Madding’s site. I will say again here…I wonder how many broken bones he had to suffer in order to make the bike look and handle like and extension of his own body. Very cool!

  2. I saw it over at Allen’s blog also. Amazing riding.

    RC… can’t you comment as anonymous and still sign your name in the comments box? Or you can use your email URL and leave a comment. I don’t think you HAVE to be a Google user to leave comment. Look at the choices under the comment box, and you will see that there are other boxes you can check.

  3. That is the way most Blogspot blogs are set up. Not everybody has it set up that way. Most of the time they don’t realize it. I believe at Allen Madding’s I don’t have those options. It sucks typing out a comment and then not being able to submit it.
    The other part of it is some Blogspot Bloggers let you e-mail them from their profile. In these cases I send an e-mail to the blogger and they usually thank me for bringing this to their attention and they change the setting.

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