Let The Riding Begin!

HOG RC Patch

Man is it great to be back on two wheels! Spent most of the day riding although it wasn’t very warm out. Left the house at 8:00am and there was frost on all the car windows. It was around 35 degrees out. I just bought my heated gloves yesterday but don’t have them hooked up yet. I got them at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson in New Castle, DE. They were on back order all winter. They would have been nice for today. My fingers and toes were freezing. Well at least I have the gloves for next year. I finally got to try out my new split view mirrors. More about them in a future post.

I met up with the other FSH Road Captains and Poker Run Committee members in Smyrna, DE to pre-ride our 2009 First State Spring Poker Run route. It was great to see everyone. The route was very nice through pretty farm roads in lower Delaware. Our Head Road Captain has put together a really nice route. The blast shield on my HJC SY-MAX 2 helmet came in handy as the morning sun tried to blind me. A very nice feature. My blood brother Gordy thought I was trying to scratch my head through my helmet as I manipulated the blast shield controls on top of my big giant martian helmet.

HJC SYMAX 2 with integrated sun screen

I came home briefly after the ride to check on Diana who is fighting off a sinus infection. We had hot cocoa with marshmellows and rested a bit. Then we bundled up to hit the road for our First State HOG monthly dinner ride. It was 2:30pm and a little warmer , probably about 56 degrees. We had a huge showing, the biggest for one of our dinner rides so far. We had 17 motorcycles and met up with two more at the restaurant in Port Deposit, Maryland. Big Ed took us on a fantastic back-road ride through twisty country to get to Port Deposit on the banks of the Susquehanna River. He put together a very nice ride and I bet he pre-rode it too. He puts a lot of work into these dinner rides as does his wife who plans these dinners. I rode sweep, my first official Road Captain duty this year. It was great fun! Dinner at the Susky River Grill was pretty good too. A big success.

 FSH March 2009 Dinner Ride Susky River Grill

The ride home after dinner with 19 motorcycles riding in excellent formation up Rt 40 with many of our members wearing their HOG patches made me proud. If this is any sign of how our riding season is going to be, then it is going to be wicked pissa awesome!

Space Balls HJC SYMAX 2 with integrated sun screen

“I am not a Space Ball!”

10 Responses to “Let The Riding Begin!”

  1. Most of the time Jay and I are up at the front of the pack, so sweeping today was a rare treat. It is an amazing perspective from back there when you can see all of the bikes in formation, signals being passed back, and riding that looks like poetry in motion. Let the season begin! 🙂

  2. You guys just keep practicing and you may be able to make the cut with Blackstone some day… 😉

    Looks like a great start to the season. Jay’s gotta lose the full-face though, lol. It definitely doesn’t go with the sexy Rippen Kitten shirt!

  3. Wicked pissa! Woo-hoo! Glad you got a nice ride in today. Big D is stuck in Cali near the Mexican border. They had to stop because of dust storms, so he won’t be home until tomorrow now. This is one trip I’m glad I didn’t take. 🙂

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed your Spring time ride, but I hope I’m through with 50 degree days. We were rolling in the 70’s here this weekend and it was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!! Spring is popping out everywhere and delivering such eye candy it amazing!

    I’m with you… let the riding begin! (Even though I never really stopped!) LOL!

  5. Let the festivities commence! It looks like I won’t be taking any epic rides this year so I am gonna have to look to the rest of you to feed me the bread of the road. May the force be with you evil one…dig the blast shield.

  6. The economy sure is eating into the epic ride fund, isn’t it?

  7. A wonderful time was had by all!!!
    Can’t wait to go back to the Susky River Grille when it’s warmer so that we can sit out on the deck… I must say, Jay- I was very surprised ( or should I say stunned??) when I saw you early Sunday morning. I know it was a double whammy for you… Not only was it only thirty degrees out ,but it was before noon as well…….

  8. Sounds like a great start to the season, I look forward to following along for the rest!

  9. Thank’s boss! you can sweep for me anytime!!! BULLSLAP lives!!!!!

  10. I’m still recovering from the double whammy! I should be good by the end of the week.

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