Rippin-Kitten T-Shirt


This t-shirt is the best as far as black t-shirts go! This is a Rippin-Kitten original limited edition design called: Faster Pussycat. It is top quality 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom with a killer two color screen printing job on the front. The design is printed in white and grey.  You’ll feel like an original when you strut into your favorite biker bar wearing a t-shirt that no one has ever seen before. The eagle wings, the skull and the grey splatters all contribute to the ultra coolness of the design. The little skully cat logo is a nice touch also. Diana got me this shirt for Christmas and I really dig it. Visit the Rippin-Kitten blog to buy your t-shirt. 

another Jay at the beach in Florida

I call this picture: “Just another Jay at the beach in Florida”. Anyway, all you bloggers need to get one of these t-shirts to demonstrate unity among the moto blogging nation.

7 Responses to “Rippin-Kitten T-Shirt”

  1. Whoa dude!

    That’s awesome. I was totally surprised when I got your email and popped open the link. Thank you very much for devoting a blog post to my t-shirt and thanks to you and Diana for the support!

    You wear it well! 🙂

  2. Very cool indeed!

  3. Still too sexy for your shirt?

  4. I think so.

  5. I dunno, Jay…that shirt is pretty SEX-AY!

  6. Sure makes him look like not just any Jay on the beach! 😉

  7. This shirt can make anyone look sexy. But you’re all right, I am just too sexy for my shirt and my vest!

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