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Ride Like A Pro Series DVD’s

In one week it will officially be spring and everyone should get out and ride! Get your head into gear and brush up on your motorcycle riding skills by watching Ride Like A Pro. Let expert police motorcycle instructor Jerry “The Motorman” Palladino reveal to you the 3 simple techniques motor officers have been using for 60 years. These are the techniques that allow motor officers to out ride 98% of the riding public. Ride Like A Pro improved my riding skills dramaticly. These are essential riding skills that do not come naturally. They require proper instruction and practice.

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Ride Like A Pro 15% Off

Ride Like A Pro on the Dragon 10% Off

Surviving The Mean Streets 10% Off

Learn To Ride The Easy Way 10% Off

I highly reccomend Ride Like A Pro and Ride Like A Pro on the Dragon. I have not yet previewed Surviving The Mean Streets. Buy these DVD’s now and become a better rider.

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Read the wealth of safety tips on Better Motorcycling by motor officer and crash specialist Ruben Torres.

4 Responses to “Expert Riding Skills”

  1. Tell me you’re not so busy that after a week in AZ and riding with the 81 there’s no comments from Mr and Mrs RC on my blog??? Say it ain’t that way Jay!

  2. Sorry, I didn’t have your travel schedule handy. Now that you’re back I’ll hop right over to your blog and read up on your adventure. I can’t wait to see this! I wish you had decided to meet up with us in Atlantic City for POT.

  3. You are an authorized author! Hey, we all need tips on riding skills and someday, after I get my S$S I just might pick up a copy. Reap what you sow, reap what you sow. Thanks for the info.

  4. OK so I already have RLAP IV. Jerry and Donna are great people and their approach to training is not only infomative but it’s entertaining too.

    Certainly if you’ve never taken an MSF course I’d highly recommend any video in the Ride Like a Pro series.

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