Better Motorcycling Blog

My blogroll is limited to my favorite blogs and titled Best Biker Blogs, so I can’t just add anyone who comes along. However, I received an e-mail from officer Ruben Torres complimenting me on my blog. After checking out his motorcycle blog, I decided to add it to my blogroll.

Ruben Torres is a 19 year veteran police officer, a crash specialist and a member of the motor unit. His blog Better Motorcycling is extremely informative, maybe too much so! He could be in the running with IronDad and Dave for longest posts. I think the content of this site makes it a must visit.

Ruben can have a major impact on motorcycle safety if he cuts his posts down to smaller bite size pieces. Please check out his motorcycle blog and leave a comment to fuel his mojo. I wouldn’t want to see Ruben stop writing now that he has covered all the basics. I’m hoping he will soon divulge all those super cop motorcycle secrets they teach at the academy so that we can all Ride Like A Pro.