Kevlar Motorcycle Pants?

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  1. The fair and lovely Debbie and I each have a couple of pair of Draggin’ Jeans. They are really well made and have nice deep pockets which is great for keeping keys, coins, a wallet, etc. where they belong while riding. The cut is a bit on the full side which is great for those of use who are girth challenged. The only downside is that the denim and kevlar is heavy and a bit warm on hot days.

    I have not tried them yet in a crash and hope I can refrain from that part of the ownership experience. No real padding in the jeans so if you smack down hard it’s gonna hurt but you’re still better off than wearing just plain jeans. I don’t see kevlar jeans as a substitute for good ol’ leather but Draggin’ Jeans are certainly a viable option in riding apparel.


  2. I have not tried these Draggin’ Jeans out. However, there has been a couple sticky situations when I wished I was wearing Kevlar underwear! lol.

  3. This puts a whole new meaning to being put in the hot seat! I don’t think I’d volunteer to be the test dummy on this kind of test run. It reminds me of the table saw blade stop safety devise where the inventor stops the moving saw blade with his finger.

  4. Hmmm…I have had road rash a few times. This is why I currently have no ass. Maybe I’ll investigate…last time I slept on my stomach for a couple of weeks and was always on top…that really sucked.

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