Spring is in the Air

Last weekend we were looking at highs around 20 degrees and lows in the single digits.  Last Sunday night a reported 9 inches of snow fell in New Castle County, Delaware.  It looked like this outside my living room window.


Yesterday the sun came out and it hit 70 degrees.  The crocuses in my garden are starting to bloom.


I couldn’t imagine a better reason to get my Harley (I really need to come up with a name for her) out of winter storage and take her for a spin.  (Hell, we have an Ice Cream Ride scheduled for next week!)  It was a gorgeous day for a ride, and I couldn’t think of a better belated birthday present!  So I afixed my new gremlin bell to the bike (thanks again Pete & Laurie), then RC and I headed out.  First we practiced some maneuvering and quick stops in the church parking lot down the street, then we cruised over to Port Deposit to check out the Susky River Grille for a potential location to have our chapter dinner later this month.  It was a short little jaunt, but man did it feel nice to get my road legs back!  🙂

New Lady Rider Gremlin Bell

There is still quite a bit of road salt and sand leftover from Sunday night’s storm.  Particularly around here (because within 20 minutes you could be in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey) this can be tricky because the different districts use different products to treat the roads for snow and ice–so you never know what you are going to get around the next bend.  The pavement is wet in many areas from all of the snow melting away.  My own skills are a bit rusty, and the cagers are quite surprised to see motorcyclists out and about this early in the season.  (Even if there were a gazillion out today!)  These are all good reasons to use a little extra caution when riding at this time of year.  Although it is so very refreshing to pound some pavement, it is also a risky adventure…a little more risky than during the peak of riding season. 

To those of us in the mid-atlantic region, I know that you all are as glad as I am to be able to finally start getting in some quality riding time.  Spring is definitely in the air.  But please be vigilant while you enjoy these warmer, sunnier, spring days.  See you out on the road!

3 Responses to “Spring is in the Air”

  1. We all so need that feeling — the freedom of the road. I hope the snow melts soon and you’re out there on the highway … and you forgot to bring your watch.

  2. Unfortunately I can still only dream. Still have ice on the roads here, and today it’s snowing! At least two more weeks of anticipation I expect.

    Your advice about car drivers is very true – they have just spent 6 months not having to worry about motorcycles, and now we have to retrain them again. So be careful out there but enjoy the early spring rides – some of the nicest IMO.

  3. Glad you got some riding time in. We did nearly 500 miles with Joker while he was here. It was perfect riding weather except for Friday night on the way to Yuma. More on that later.

    So happy the snow is finally beginning to melt out there! Ride safe!

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