Legend of the Gremlin Bell

A few months back Lady R posted about her mechanical issues and resulting installation of a gremlin bell on her prized Glide.  But what is this Gremlin Bell thing all about?

According to GremlinBells.com, the bells ward off the evil road spirits that “cause all sorts of problems for you”  As the gremlins climb up onto your bike, “they will get trapped inside the hollow of the bell and the constant ringing will drive them insane–causing them to lose thier grip and fall to the roadway.”  “The powerful magic of the bell is doubled” if it is given as a gift. 

AllAmericanLeathers.com states that the bells should be placed “close to the ground” to catch the gremlins before they get too high on your bike.  (You see, they cannot sabotage any part of the bike they cannot get to.)  They also suggest that the evil spirits dropping to the ground is what causes potholes.

I am a math teacher. Probability and logic rule my universe. I have never owned a gremlin bell, a guardian angel pin to wear on my shoulder, a horseshoe for my wall, or a rabbit’s foot.  My ex-husband used to regularly pick 4-leaf, 5-leaf and 6-leaf clovers that I considered as ridiculous as blowing on dice or throwing salt over your shoulder.  I do not believe in superstitions; I believe you make your own luck.   Alternatively, many others swear by their gremlin bells and other good-luck charms.

What is your take on these carillons of kismet?  Do you have a gremlin bell on your bike?  Where is it located?  Did you purchase it yourself or get it as a gift?  Do you believe that it works?  Do you know anything that adds to the legend?