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The Dennis Kirk Blonde Model

Thanks to our readers we finally know who the hot chick with the short blonde hair is!

I wrote a post about Dennis Kirk last April and have been receiving hits at Road Captain USA several times a day ever since then from people doing Google searches for the “Dennis Kirk Hot Blonde” and “Who is the Dennis Kirk Blonde Model”. The number one search phrase that brings visitors to my blog at 233 hits and counting is: “Dennis Kirk Model”.

Thanks to a comment from Billy the search is over. We have identified the sassy looking model for www.DennisKirk.com as professional model Cari Jedlicki. She is listed at Wehmann Agency, Minneapolis Minnesota.

Click here to read Are There Real Models in the Twin Cities? at mspmag.com (see below for some quotes from the article)

If the Twin Cities has a contemporary supermodel, her name is Cari Jedlicki.

Cari Jedlicki is the Only Real Model in the Twin Cities.

Urban Freestyle Trials

This video strikes a chord in me that is hard to explain. I wish I could ride like this. I think the music and the video are put together great. Check out Julien Dupont ride trials in a urban setting to tecno hip hop. I saw this at Allen Madding’s Musings which I couldn’t comment on because I don’t have a Google account. Allen, please change that setting.

Ride Like You Are Invisible


Reminder: ride as if you are invisible. Or take it to the next level and ride as if everyone else is trying to kill you on purpose. This includes pedestrians, children, joggers, clowns, snipers, animals, soccer moms… just about everyone and everything. Most of us are wearing black leather, black helmet and riding a black motorcycle. We are not easy to see. Remember what most cagers will say when they hit a biker: “I didn’t see him” or “I didn’t see him until it was too late”. Do not assume they see you or hear you no matter how loud your pipes are. Assume the opposite, assume they can’t see you. YOU ARE INVISIBLE!

Check out Better Motorcycling for more on safe riding.

Let The Riding Begin!

HOG RC Patch

Man is it great to be back on two wheels! Spent most of the day riding although it wasn’t very warm out. Left the house at 8:00am and there was frost on all the car windows. It was around 35 degrees out. I just bought my heated gloves yesterday but don’t have them hooked up yet. I got them at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson in New Castle, DE. They were on back order all winter. They would have been nice for today. My fingers and toes were freezing. Well at least I have the gloves for next year. I finally got to try out my new split view mirrors. More about them in a future post.

I met up with the other FSH Road Captains and Poker Run Committee members in Smyrna, DE to pre-ride our 2009 First State Spring Poker Run route. It was great to see everyone. The route was very nice through pretty farm roads in lower Delaware. Our Head Road Captain has put together a really nice route. The blast shield on my HJC SY-MAX 2 helmet came in handy as the morning sun tried to blind me. A very nice feature. My blood brother Gordy thought I was trying to scratch my head through my helmet as I manipulated the blast shield controls on top of my big giant martian helmet.

HJC SYMAX 2 with integrated sun screen

I came home briefly after the ride to check on Diana who is fighting off a sinus infection. We had hot cocoa with marshmellows and rested a bit. Then we bundled up to hit the road for our First State HOG monthly dinner ride. It was 2:30pm and a little warmer , probably about 56 degrees. We had a huge showing, the biggest for one of our dinner rides so far. We had 17 motorcycles and met up with two more at the restaurant in Port Deposit, Maryland. Big Ed took us on a fantastic back-road ride through twisty country to get to Port Deposit on the banks of the Susquehanna River. He put together a very nice ride and I bet he pre-rode it too. He puts a lot of work into these dinner rides as does his wife who plans these dinners. I rode sweep, my first official Road Captain duty this year. It was great fun! Dinner at the Susky River Grill was pretty good too. A big success.

 FSH March 2009 Dinner Ride Susky River Grill

The ride home after dinner with 19 motorcycles riding in excellent formation up Rt 40 with many of our members wearing their HOG patches made me proud. If this is any sign of how our riding season is going to be, then it is going to be wicked pissa awesome!

Space Balls HJC SYMAX 2 with integrated sun screen

“I am not a Space Ball!”

Rippin-Kitten T-Shirt


This t-shirt is the best as far as black t-shirts go! This is a Rippin-Kitten original limited edition design called: Faster Pussycat. It is top quality 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom with a killer two color screen printing job on the front. The design is printed in white and grey.  You’ll feel like an original when you strut into your favorite biker bar wearing a t-shirt that no one has ever seen before. The eagle wings, the skull and the grey splatters all contribute to the ultra coolness of the design. The little skully cat logo is a nice touch also. Diana got me this shirt for Christmas and I really dig it. Visit the Rippin-Kitten blog to buy your t-shirt. 

another Jay at the beach in Florida

I call this picture: “Just another Jay at the beach in Florida”. Anyway, all you bloggers need to get one of these t-shirts to demonstrate unity among the moto blogging nation.