Biker Brotherhood

First State HOG in West Virginia

There is something spiritual about being a motorcyclist that is impossible to explain to non motorcyclists. Part of the mystique is brotherhood! We don’t go into a motorcycle dealership to buy brotherhood, but on the road we experence so many things that we did not expect. No wonder we become passionate about this sport! We are very fortunate as human beings to have a connection that others don’t understand.

There is no doubt that among motorcyclists there is a brotherhood or an “open door policy” for friendship. Making new friends during childhood it is a lot easier than during adulthood. I am guessing this is partly due to the fact we are all thrown together into a school and partly due to the fact that as children we are more open to developing relationships. As an adult it is difficult to make friends. Some males don’t make many friends after graduating from high school or college. Their interaction with other adult males may be limited to co workers.  We become less trusting and throw up walls that inhibit us from starting conversations with total strangers. I grew up in the Boston area and it was unnatural to strike up a conversation with a stranger of the same sex. It’s taboo! Back home, a man who talks to another man he doesn’t know is either gay or about to pull a scam! You only talk to women if you are hitting on them. Under these circumstances it is difficult to make new friends. It is a lot easier of course to start a conversation with someone that we have something in common with. For example a man may feel less inhibited starting a conversation with someone wearing a t-shirt for his favorite sports team:  “hey you like the Bruins, I like the Bruins… we can talk about this topic because we have something in common”. Now let’s introduce the sport of motorcycling…

You ride a motorcycle, I ride a motorcycle… we understand each other! Ah, the refreshing open acceptance that allowed ourselves to make friends with strangers during childhood is back! I joined the First State Chapter of the Harley Owners Group just shy of two years ago. I have made dozens of new friends through HOG. Grown men and women of all ages welcome each other with hugs! There are people I have met recently in my HOG chapter that feel more like family than friends. We are blessed to have found this experience. Motorcycling is so much more than just riding a two wheeled form of transportation!

Now think of your neighbor or the average Joe down the street. He gets married, has children and goes to work day in and day out. He comes home from work tired, spends time with family and watches the boob tube. He doesn’t do much else! He has little interaction with others. He is disconnected and can’t make new friends. He forgets life is an adventure and his journeys are limited. I feel sorry for these people who failed to discover what we have! 

I am a lucky man! I own a Harley Davidson motorcycle that has opened the door to numerous adventures, taken me to places I would have never visited and created lasting friendships I otherwise would not have made. This sport has given me and my wife something we can share together that enriches our lives. Thank God for the Harley Davidson company and the Harley Owners Group!

No wonder there are so many people out to squash our fun. Those people trying to put a stop to motorcycle rallys, loud pipes and enact helmet laws. There are even a few bad apples putting scathing comments on our motorcycle blogs! They are jealous! It’s that simple!

We have it, they don’t! Be glad you have it my brothers and sisters!

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