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Diva Customs

This past weekend Hairsnipper, Big Ed, RC, and I went down to Outer Banks, NC on a scouting mission for our First State HOG chapter spring trip.  On the way we had the opportunity to stop by Diva Customs in Virginia Beach and meet the owner Tami Walker. 

Princess, Hairsnipper and Diva

Tami is an amazing woman! She is writing a book featuring women motorcyclists and their stories about how and why they began to ride.  Hairsnipper and I submitted our stories to her a few weeks ago, and we have since shared several emails back and forth.  We were going to be coming through the area, so we arranged to take a side trip over to meet this inspirational woman. 

BTW, at last count Tami still needs 17 ladies’ stories for her book, so if you haven’t sent yours in yet please check out her blog for the details and get it in ASAP.  Don’t worry if you think your story isn’t good enough.  Chances are whatever it was that inspired you to ride will also be inspiration to someone else.  Everyone’s story is a great one!

Tami is a female motorcyclist and entrepreneur.  She started Diva Customs about four years ago because she found a need for motorcycles and riding gear that fit a woman’s body, not to mention style.  Her work is amazing!  Check out these pictures of her very first motorcycle.

Diva Customs Sportster

It started life as a Sporty, but now it has a wide-glide front end to make it handle more smoothly, a custom seat, and all kinds of bling (I especially like the air cleaner cover).  This bike has a lot of style, just like everything else in Tami’s humble shop.

Diva Custom Gas Tank

We were welcomed with a smile when we arrived at Diva Customs.  Tami was happy to show us around her showroom as well as the service area.  In the service area, we saw many examples of her work — lowering bikes, putting on Le Pera Up Front seats, custom gas tanks, smaller diameter grips, and easy-pull hand controls.  The Le Pera seats that come in the “up front” models lower the seat height and move the rider 2″ to 3″ closer to the handlebars. Tami said that it is very important to replace the top heavy peanut tank on a Sportster with a custom tank that holds the gasoline at a level below or even with the motorcycles frame. This lowers the center of gravity and eliminates that top heavy feeling that many Sportster owners complain about. The showroom boasted a few completed motorcycle projects for sale, and lots of ladies gear — all of which is fitted and fabulous!  There are also some unique feminine touches to her shop, like the full-length mirror decorated with a large-brimmed hat and feather boa and the rack of alluring corsets for sale (for when you are not riding of course).

Diva Customs Front Room

After almost an hour of visiting with Tami and listening to her stories about the shop, her book, and the time she met her idol (Arlen Ness) we needed to get back on the road.  We all left with hugs and hopes to see each other again at Delmarva Bike Week in September. 

These tough economic times are especially difficult for the small business owner.  Tami Walker is an intelligent and very knowledgeable woman with her heart in the right place, and I wish her and her company all the best.  Check out her website, and keep an eye out for her book when it gets published later in the spring.  And if you are ever in the Virginia Beach area, make sure to stop by Diva Customs and say “Hi”.  You’ll be glad you did.

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8 Responses to “Tami Walker and Diva Customs in Virginia Beach”

  1. How nice! I can’t wait for Tami’s book to come out. I can assure you, if we ever get up to Virginia Beach, we will stop by to say Hi! Nice post!

  2. People like Tami with enthusiasm and drive are truly an inspiration! Reading your post was the perfect start to my morning.

  3. Oh…you guys made me cry 🙂 How sweet…thank you for all the wonderful things you said. Well for me, having you guys make a stop at my place was not only exciting but a true honor. Women like you are what keeps me going and I am so happy to see women not only riding their own bkes but making a real difference in the motorcycle industry. I would have given anything to have been able to close up the shop and rode with you that day. Maybe I can return your incredible favor and come and visit your group with you come to NC. Thank you again so much and keep riding sexy!

    Tami Walker

  4. That’s great that you were able to meet Tami. I totally agree with you, she is an amazing woman and a huge inspiration to me!

  5. Who is that hot chick on the right!

    It’s hard being a small business owner in these times, then on top of it you have cavemen giving women business owners a hard time…not to mention that she is competing in a market that traditionally is considered male dominated….hat off and a humble kneel before a woman that wants to kick ass. That takes balls sister. (no pun intended, just my way.)

    Best wishes to Tami and Diva Customs.

    Thanks RC & Mrs. RC for getting the word out and letting the world that there are still rebels in the world. I always enjoy reading about people who just go for it. There are no failures for those who take a stab at life. Just lessons learned and victory.

  6. That hot chick is my wife, I am a lucky man! Thanks for reminding me my brother.

  7. Kudos to her for making such strides in what used to be a strictly male business.

    I love what she did with her Sporty…very nice!

  8. […] you are a reader of our blog you may know that Tami Walker of Diva Customs collected 101 inspirational stories of women riders and published them in Why We Ride. […]

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