Beyond The Law – DVD Review

 Beyond The Law

Big Ed and Hair Snipper came over last night and we all watched Beyond The Law with Charlie Sheen and Michael Madsen. The movie is based on a true story about Daniel Saxon. Charlie Sheen plays Saxon; a fearless small town police officer who is hired by the Arizona State Attorney General’s Office to go under cover as a Narc. He doesn’t do too well until Virgil aka Dildo, a goofy motorcycle mechanic, takes him into the the biker community. He then poses as a 1% and infiltrates the Jackals MC! Virgil, played by Leon Rippy, is hilarious. Of course Michael Madsen is great as Blood; the cold blooded President of the Jackals. The movie was pretty good. Very entertaining for a 1992 biker flick and can be had for $5.00 or less at some bargain bins. That’s alot of biker flick for the buck!

Click here to watch a preview on You Tube.

Also worth noting is the new book No Angel by Jay Dobyns will be available on Tuesday. No Angel will be the true life account of Jay’s inflitration of the Hells Angels previously covered here at Road Captain USA in the book review of Running with the Devil. Be on the look out for Dobyns promoting his book. I’m not sure how he will do that without the Hells Angels finding him, but he is scheduled to be on the 98 Rock morning show in Baltimore sometime this week.