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J&M CB Radio from Cycle Accessory Store

Diana knew that I wanted a CB Radio for my motorcycle so she set out on a mission to buy me one for Christmas. Through her research she found the Cycle Accessory Store owned and operated by Mark & JoAnn Thompson in Franklin, North Carolina. The purchasing process was intimidating because there are so many different components but Mark helped Diana through the process. Diana told Mark what kind of motorcycle I had and he made sure that she bought all the right parts that would mount to my motorcycle. Diana says Mark was “very nice, very friendly, very knowledgeable and very helpful”. The CB arrived in time for the holiday and I was floored when Diana gave me such a nice gift!

A week later after we returned from our Christmas getaway to Florida I told Diana I had changed my mind and would like to return the CB Radio. She was devestated after all the effort she invested in putting together the perfect gift. Our situation had changed so my priority changed. In the past Diana rode pillion on long trips and I wanted to be able to communicate with the Road Captains on Ulta Classics. Diana has since made it known she will be riding her own bike on future trips. Now my priority will be to communicate with her via a hands free bike to bike communication system.

I called JoAnn Thomson and asked her a ton of questions about different motorcycle bike to bike communication systems. She was a wealth of knowledge and super helpful. I decided I would like to buy two Chatterbox communicators in the spring which would cost about $600.

Now came the true test of customer service: I wanted to return the $588 CB Radio a full month after Diana purchased it, and I wanted a full refund now!

Mark and JoAnn said “No Problem” as long as the items are still in the original packaging. When buying accesories on the Internet I believe the true test of  a company is the ability to return products for full refund. The Cycle Accessory Store passed with flying colors!

I packed the CB Radio using styrofoam peanuts. I shipped it from The UPS Store making sure to choose signature required and to insure the package for the full value of the contents. I e-mailed Mark that the J&M CB was on its way back and if for any reason UPS damaged the package that he should not open it. That he should call UPS to file the damage claim for me. It cost me $27 to ship the package and it arrived perfectly in three days. Several days later Diana received a full credit on her credit card!

Cycle Accessory Store specializes in motorcycle communication, audio and stereo equipment. Mark and JoAnn serve up good ole fashioned one on one customer service. They provide personalized assistance over the phone. They return calls promptly too. They back up their products 100% and they know what they are talking about! They certainly earned the RC USA stamp of approval!

Cycle Accessory Store

10 Responses to “Cycle Accessory Store”

  1. Sounds like a winner. I’ll keep them in mind if I have future needs.

  2. Wow! It’s very unusual to find that level of service with an internet company! Or any company nowadays! Very cool! Thanks for letting us know!

  3. Jay, have you ever watched the old Star Track w/ Mr. Spock, Bones…you know the old crew? Remember the big bulky communicators they used?

    OK, now think back on a newer Star Track, and the communicators…the ones in their badges…just slap it with your fingers…and presto…open communications.

    This is what I see here with this CB Radio. Wait a few more years, and the new ones will be so small…you wouldn’t even see em….

  4. Glad to hear about the good customer service, it is a very hard quality to find these days. I have ordered a few things for my bike online and the worst place took around 2 months to get my stuff to me, heck it took over a month before they shipped it off. All I got was excuses. Needless to say, that place will no longer get my business.

  5. Yes! A CB Radio. Too bad you are not over here. My favorite thing to do while traveling through Nevada is to sqwak with the prostitutes. Great fun, no shit! (talking mind you). Funny gals. Just don’t get lured to hook up. Crabs jump 12 feet my friend and the CB won’t get you an STD.

    Thanks for the business review. They should be around for awhile with that kind of service. 10-4 good buddy. I’ll be 10-49 to your 10-20 for a 10-7 and crabs…eh?

  6. Chessie, you should take a peek at the Scala Rider which is this tiny little blue tooth bike to bike communicator which is just like you are describing on the new Star Treks. They have it at the Cycle Accessory Store. Very futuristic.

  7. It’s always nice to hear from fellow riders about how a company performs, good or bad.

    At to Chessie’s comment about small communicators. Did you ever notice that cell phones are about the only thing men brag about having the smallest of? 🙂

    By the way, Princess Di really sounds like a Princess to me!

  8. She is a special lady! Thanks.

  9. Only because Jay treats me like one, Dan!
    3’s & 8’s to ya, Dave. What’s your 10-36 for arrival?

  10. Please write up a review after you have used it for a while. Thanks!

    Ride on,

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