New Record at RC USA

Yea! Yesterday we hit a record of over 150 visitors for one day. We started this motorcycle blog a year ago with 90 visitors last January. Every month we get more visits. Last month we almost hit 3,000 and today we broke past 3,500 visitors for the month!

To celebrate I’m going to post the new version of the I’m Too Sexy RC video. We experienced some technical problems and Diana had to recreate this favorite.

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  1. Congrats! Good for you R/C and Mrs.R/C.

    Now, as far as the video? How do you improve on perfection?

  2. The original was perfect but unfortunately the original is kaputt!

  3. Jay….maybe it should have been you that ‘worked the stripper pole’ at the bike show….LOL!! ~K

  4. Oh hell you guys! I busted a gut when I saw it the first time, and you made me bust it again this time too.

    I hate you lost your file and had to do it over. The only thing really missing here were a few close ups of Jay’s tushy. After all, the song is about swinging his tushy down the catwalk! LOL!

    Great vid guys! Thanks for the laugh… again!

  5. This was fun…in a strange blog-land kind of way~
    Made me smile…and one can never have too many of those to start the day off…can we?

  6. Congratulations!

    I loved the slideshow, too! Jay, you really are too sexy! LOL!

  7. Thanks ladies! I had a pic of me wearing nothing but chaps but that ended up on the editing floor to keep our PG13 rating.

  8. Congrats on the milestone, right now I think the best day for my site has been 55 and this month has turned around 1200 visits. Maybe I will double it for February. I just wish my blog was where yours is, heck it has been around twice as long. Well I guess I will just keep working away to get there.

    Keep up the good work, great blog.

  9. Amazing

  10. It’s official…we ended up with 3,696 visitors for the month of January. That’s incredible compared to the measley 89 we had all last January, and an increase of 741 over last month. Who could ask for a better birthday present? 😉

  11. Ahhh well happy birthday Jay.

  12. Thanks Chessie!

  13. Wow that video makes me want to get my vest…OUT OF THE CLOSET!!!!!!

  14. Sorry I’m late…Congrats!

  15. mr. director, please see tiny tim on youtube singing if you think i’m sexy.

  16. Glimmer, that was just plain scarey!

  17. certainly is!!! just a complete opposite to yours.

  18. Um I am stunned.. just watched that tiny tim thing… I;m speechless WARNING to anyone who clicks on that link…. Be afraid, be VERY afraid

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