101 Things You Know About Me

Jay on his first Harley Davidson motorcycle

Writing a bizarre list of 101 cute but quirky things about yourself has been all the rage lately (mostly with the lady bloggers). These lists have proven to be quite entertaining so I thought I should make a list. I had a small problem with my list; everything I thought of putting on my list wasn’t a secret. For the most part I blabbed about everything right here on my blog in the past 12 months. Then it hit me… I can make my list another official Road Captain USA contest!

Here is a list of 20 things about me, sorry it’s not 101.

Can you fill in the blanks on the first 18?

The first person with the correct 18 answers will win a FREE pair of Irwin Vise-Grip 6″ 150mm Bent Nose Pliers part# 2078226. They were sent to me by Irwin for promoting their Vise Grip Essay contest back in SeptemberTheir marketing people at MS&L sent me a box of 20 different vise-grips. They make great tools! I gave a bunch away as prizes at our HOG meeting earlier this month but I saved this pair of bent needle nose pliers for my readers.

You might have to hit the Road Captain USA archives to find the answers. At some point if no one gets a perfect score I will award the prize to the person who came the closest.


1. My favorite beer is _______

2. Last summer Diana and I took a trip with _____

3. I have owned ______ Harley Davidson motorcycles so far

4. My first motorcycle was a 1980 Yamaha ______

5. I finally started wearing a biker _______

6. I think _________ chrome polish is the bomb

7. I have _____ tribal tats

8. I have been divorced ____ times

10. I live in the _____ state

11. Someday I hope to be a wise old master _______

12. My first Sportster had ________ pipes

13. My second Sportster had _______ pipes

14. My ________ has stock pipes

15. I met Big ________ at Freedom Fest in West Virginia

16. I became an official Road Captain in _______ of 2008

17 . My first overnight HOG trip was in ________ of 2007

18. My new religion is _____&_________

19. I used to wear boxers, then I went commando and now I wear boxer briefs

20. I’m a spaz

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11 Responses to “101 Things You Know About Me”

  1. This is a great twist on the “list” thing going on right now. Very cool. I emailed you my entry.

  2. Very clever!

  3. I’m not going to venture guesses. However, I see some pretty entertaining possibilities by just filling in the blanks with, shall we say ,interesting stuff!

  4. Why is there no #9?

  5. Yes, like the Mad Libs books!

  6. #19…. GAAAAAHHHH !!!! T.M.I. !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sorry about #9 folks… my bad.

  8. Sorry about #19 folks… my bad.

  9. Joker is the winner with 18 points!
    Lady R came in second place with a score of 14.
    Laurie came in third with a respectable 13.
    Thanks for playing!

  10. And the answers are:
    1 – Yeungling (duh)
    2 – Skip
    3 – 3
    4 – YZ80
    5 – vest
    6 – Blue Job
    7 – 5
    8 – 2
    9 – sike!
    10 – First
    11 – road captain
    12 – Vance & Hines
    13 – Rhinehart
    14 – Low Rider
    15 – Mike Griffin
    16 – August
    17 – September
    18 – Ride & Have Fun!
    19 – T.M.I.
    20 – yes, you are!

  11. Aww, I was just coming back this morning to look for my other answers. Pout!

    Way to go Joker!

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