My New Rack and Rear End

Rack & Rear End

The Chrome Fairy stopped by the Green household over the holidays and dropped off some goodies for my Super Glide.  There was a 7-inch chrome luggage rack and a layback license plate & frame to dress up my bike’s rear end.  He also dropped off some highway pegs with heel stirrups.

Kuryakyn stirrup peg 8076

Although I did go for a short ride on Christmas day, I did not really get a chance to try out the cruise pegs (made by Kuryakyn).  I am excited at the prospect that the stirrups will add a little more for me to secure my foot on since my legs barely reach the cruise pegs.  But since we have now winterized my bike, it will have to wait until the spring for a review on how well they work out for me.

Anyway, back to my rack and rear end….

Harley-Davidson describes my Super Glide as “a pure riding machine or a blank canvas for your custom vision.”  This is actually one of the reasons I chose this model in the first place.  I do like the stripped down pure machine look of it, however its blank canvas status leaves the bike seriously lacking in the amenities department.  As Joker has previously stated, the stock license plate mount on Harleys is cheesy and ridiculous.  The plate stands erect as if injected with too much Viagra, and the bracket only provides support in the middle of the plate leaving the top corners vulnerable to catch on everything that swings by them and get all bent up.  So I really wanted to get a sleek laydown plate.  Jay (aka the Chrome Fairy) also got me a very nice frame to accent the whole piece.

He went to purchase the Harley Davidson Layback License Plate unit that costs $41.95 part# 60280-07. One of the the guys at the parts counter at Hannum’s Harley Davidson recommended the unit made by V-Twin part# 31-3943 which can be mounted at two different angles and costs $30.99. He used the extra money he saved to buy the Chrome Harley Davidson License Plate Frame part# 60050-01 which retails for $21.95

As much as I like the sleek look of the back fender with the solo seat, I did have a problem with not having a way to carry along anything that didn’t fit in my fork bag.  I would say the vast majority of bikes have passenger seats, so demand for a solo ride luggage rack is apparently scarce.  We did find one at the Dennis Kirk website (where you can check out pictures of that mysterious blonde model).  This slightly larger rack is made by Motherwell for a Dyna and is an inch wider than the standard 6″ rack.  It should do a great job of supporting a tail bag, so I can bring along that extra sweatshirt or rain gear.  I am still totally impressed at just how perfectly the curved line of the rack matches the curve of my fender!

Check out these before and after pictures:

 Before After

What do you think?  Everything just “fits” together so well!  It looks like it was designed that way.  All of the lines blend perfectly.  I get to keep my pure machine look while adding just a little bling.

19 Responses to “My New Rack and Rear End”

  1. What else could I possibly say, or would you expect from me but, “NICE ASS!!!” I like those highway pegs too – in fact I almost went with that style as my primary pegs in place of the Kuryakyn mini-footboards that I ended up putting on my Sporty. You’ll love having a secondary foot rest – makes all the difference on long rides. Enjoy!

  2. Wholly catch phrase!

    You got my attention right away.

    Nice rack and rear end by the way.

    Don’t tell my wife or Jay I said that though.

    It can be our little secret O.K.!

  3. I like the look of the fender rack. I actually have it on my Road Star. It’s a great way to make a naked fender look not so naked anymore.

  4. A friend of mine lost a leg last year. It has been a long and arduous journey back. He is making a decision as to weather or not he thinks he can ride again with the prosthesis…one of his fears is that he won’t be able to keep his leg up on the forward controls…the heel stirrup looks like the ticket for him. I’m gonna send him the link to here…and have him check out your setup…If it gets him back on the bike….
    Thanks for posting this.

  5. When I saw this post appear on my google reader, I thought it was about plastic surgery…I’m glad it wasn’t ! 🙂 Nice chrome goodies!

  6. I’m with the others, as soon as I saw the title I was like…”OH YEAH!” 😉
    The rack looks really great, I may look into something like that for my bike.

  7. Fully agree with everyone…nice rear end and rack.
    The stuff looks good

  8. I think the double meaning kind of highlights one of the pleasures of riding, doesn’t it? There’s a sensual aspect that we just can’t ignore.

    You’ve done what I call “Cover Girl” modifications. They accent the natural beauty of the bike without taking anything away in the process. Nice!

  9. I’m glad the Chrome Fairy was good to you! Looks good! And nice choice of words. I’m sure you get some new readers with this one! LOL!

  10. Joker,
    It is definitely my plan to take her on many long rides!
    You’ll absolutely appreciate being able to carry stuff with you, and it looks great too! As if Jay didn’t want to trade as soon as we brought my new bike home, he is totally jealous of it now.
    Glad I could help. Hope your friend gets back in the saddle soon
    Thanks for the compliments and great response to this post! I am pretty fond of my rack & rear end…and my new chrome too! 😉

  11. geez!
    What a tease!
    cool post.

  12. Nice ass! We need to get B.B. that lay back plate frame. I don’t want it sticking up when she is sportin’ that rack. I hate plates sticking straight up…makes it too easy for the man to read it.

    I have not seen those riding pegs before. Is that heel pad easy to adjust? Looks good.

    Man…I’m still waiting for the S&S fairy to show up at my door.

  13. Actually Dave, it’s not too bad. You need to loosen the allen bolt on the end and the heel stirrup can be rotated around to whatever angle you want. Then tighten it back up, and wallah! It even has little teeth in the ring so it doesn’t slip out of place.

    I really like how the layback frame and the rack align with each other on my bike. The angles all blend well, and there’s just the right amount of space between so they don’t look butted up against each other or like there’s a gaping hole. The combo just plain works.

  14. Wish my rack and rear end looked as good as that. Well… maybe a few bucks into the old girl and mine can look just as good 😉

  15. OK Di….what happened to the ‘REAL’ rack and rear pictures…..and you KNOW the ones i’m talking about!!! ~K

  16. Are you trying to get the Editor in trouble?

  17. Karen…ask Jay!

  18. Well Done! I Like it!

  19. Well done keep continue this amazing working

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