Chrome Contest for Free T-Shirt

Mystery Chrome

How well do you know your chrome? I will give away an XL Blue Job T-Shirt to the first reader who correctly identifies this chrome item photographed on my shop floor. If you don’t know what it is, make a guess or just tell me what you think of my 80’s splatter paint job on the floor. Thank you for participating in the first ever Road Captain USA contest.

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40 Responses to “Chrome Contest for Free T-Shirt”

  1. Looks like a plunger of some kind. I like the paint job on your floor! 🙂

  2. Someone dropped their penis enlargement device?


  3. An antique fire extinguisher?

  4. Almost looks like a door lock mechanism. I’m just gonna keep guessing. 🙂

  5. Yeah, I’m kinda going with Doug on this one. 😉
    Or some new futuristic “massager”.

  6. I saw this today at Lowes.
    It’s a plunger caddy.

  7. chrome shock

  8. Keep guessing my online chrome addicts! Where is Dave, I’m sure he has a good guess?

  9. Funny how some of us, including me, went straight to the “pump”.

    I’m going to guess it’s an actuator.

  10. Chessie is the closest so far.

  11. Hot damn!!!! Now, which one of my guesses makes me closer? LOL….
    Now it’s time to do some on line searching! Ha…
    This is becoming a bit perplexing!

  12. Chessie,
    You are so much like me–I just know that I can find out anything on the internet! BTW–we did not get it at Lowes, but I bet we could have.


  14. I’m sorry but it is not a pump of any kind, it is more like a plunger caddy.

  15. It’s a coin roller for the rich and famous!

  16. Aggghhh That I would not have guessed. Even though I have seen them at Office Max plenty. Good job.

  17. Old School will never let bike week go, will he? Maybe it’s an oil extractor; not sure the technical name.

  18. It is almost like a plunger caddy.

  19. Ohhhhh… It’s almost like plunger caddy. LOL!

  20. Yes, almost…but not exactly. Think bathroom, people! 😉

  21. Oh it’s a sink drain with a fandy dancy pop up open/close plunger. Or not the more I look at it : )


  22. How about a TP hidey hole place?

  23. I thought this was a biker web site. Hold on ,let me call Martha Stewart to find out the answer.

  24. You know, when Martha Stewart was in jail she joined up with some outlaws and now she digs chrome bathroom accents even more than before. Chrome is good in the home, on the bike and just about everywhere.

  25. Soooo is it a toilet paper caddy?

  26. some sort of toothpaste tube squeezer thingie???? (Pete thinks I am way off on my guess, but what the hell…..)

  27. Toilet paper caddy is close. Stay on the toilet theme.

  28. toilet paper roll extender for oversized rolls of paper

  29. I could use a roll like that. I didn’t know there was such thing.

  30. toilet cleaning brush hook?

  31. toilet cleaning brush?

  32. Yes, Pete you got it! Now you can use this free Blue Job Chrome Polish T-Shirt to apply the Colonel Brassy Chrome Polish to your fine machine. I’m glad I’ll save on postage by not having to mail this out.
    Contest is closed, finished and done. Sorry this was a trick question and had nothing to do with motorcycles.

  33. after 2 hrs and page after page on a few home improvement websites……….. I would have never guessed with out the hint……….

  34. Laurie said how the heck would Pete know what a toilet cleaning brush looks like!!!!!!

  35. LMAO, Ed!!!

  36. Thanks Ed…. and I thought we were friends….. trying to get me in trouble like that actually, Pete might have a better idea what one looks like than I do… How can I do any scrubbing type work??? You wouldn’t want me to break a nail, now would you?

  37. Now Di, you were suppose to tell Jay that I guessed it when we were on the phone, and that was last week….so I WIN!!!! ~K

  38. Yes, you are the unofficial winner… but no prize. All submissions had to be made through the proper channels to authenticate the reality of the source of the proper information from which hence forth it came. You know what I’m say’n? I sure don’t!

  39. by the way… I’m sure the chrome toilet brush nicely accents all the hard work Diana did in the remodeling of your bathroom…….

  40. Yes and as Pete pointed out took quite a long time to find a chrome toilet brush on the Internet… especially one that fit our budget.

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