Ride and Have Fun!

Not long ago I posted a joke about a man who seemed very upset to his wife. She thought something was seriously wrong with their relationship. She thought that he might be angry at her, having an affair or just didn’t love her anymore. In the end the man was just upset because his Harley Davidson motorcycle would not start that morning. In the big scheme of life a motorcycle mechanical problem should not be a big deal, but it is difficult for us to remember this because we are so passionate about riding.

To most of us, motorcycling should be just about fun. If you belong to an MC or made motorcycle riding your profession, than motorcycling will take on a bigger role in your life than those of us who are in it purely for pleasure. For those of you out there who are members of HOG chapters or lone riders… remember this: Ride & Have Fun! That’s what it’s all about; it’s that simple. There are too many other things in life that cause stress, riding shouldn’t be one of them!

I have recently taken on the position of Director for First State HOG. At this early stage of my Directorship I believe the single most important thing is the HOG creed: Ride & Have Fun! It’s easy to get caught up in the politics of he said, she said and territorial disputes over who is supposed to do what. As a blogger it can be tempting be baited into an online argument with a rude commenter. It is also easy to get caught up in the online argument of who is a biker and who isn’t. Most bikers are big into the concept of respect. To some, reputation is everything. We have big ego’s and a little thing can come across to another as a manner of disrespect. A small disrespect can easily evolve into a full out war. In all these cases, please remember: Ride & Have Fun! It’s that simple.

Well there you have it, my new religion: Ride & Have Fun!

Please feel free to comment, but don’t disrespect me or I will delete your comment and go about my business of Riding and Having Fun.

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14 Responses to “Ride and Have Fun!”

  1. Yep. I agree. If I can’t have fun while riding, or I should say “enjoy” riding, then I should hang it up. We all have “those days”, but I like to just plan a ride and ride it. Plain and simple. Sometimes, not even plan it… just go. I like my motels/hotels. I am too old and don’t like to camp. I need a shower & toilet….period. However, if those out there want to rough it on the great plains of this great country… so be it. Everyone should “have fun” however they can. I don’t consider it an ego trip or competition.
    Good post… back to the basics of the love of the ride…which ever way you ride it.

  2. Great post! It’s a good reminder to us all. Hopefully we’ll get to go ride and have fun next weekend! 🙂 You east-coasters may have to wait a bit longer, though.

  3. Good post! That’s what it should all be about!

  4. Yep! Ride and Have Fun is the best way to get the most out of your experience. I’ve told my hubby, when riding isn’t fun any more, I’ll let him know. He doesn’t see that coming any time soon.

    Live and Let Live and let’s ride on!

  5. Ride and have fun. Different strokes for different folks. This is the reason I have not joined any club. They forgot was riding was all about, the whole ride and have fun concept. You would be doing your chapter a huge favor by living by that one rule. I say congrats.

    I really enjoy the ride that most riders hate…why I have to go at it alone most of the time. I ride for pleasure but my bike is so much a part of my life that there ain’t much else I want to do. I admit my priorities are jacked…but that’s just me. I honestly can never see me without a machine…freaks me out.

    There are motorcycle riders and there are bikers. Both are ok with me, but experience has shown there is a difference. Does the difference really matter? Not to the biker who knows who he is and what he’s about. He doesn’t really give a shit…he just wants to ride and have fun.

  6. Great advice. I sometimes find myself obsessing over little things about my bike. Sometimes I just need to shut up and ride it. My goal this year is to just ride more and enjoy what I have, not be so worried about the next mod, or project I have planned.

  7. Dave nailed my sentiments perfectly. Riding touches me pretty deep and I can’t honestly see myself without a bike.

  8. I don’t know how, but I had a feeling you were going to work that article I commented on into some sort of a post. I actually thought about it myself, but I’ve had so much shit going on lately I never got to it. I guess now there’s no point.
    The Italian in me loves to argue. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t become a lawyer. These days I sort of wish sometimes that I had of.
    That whole spiel from that Deuce guy just was one of those that touched my rebuttal alarm off. I think it was that crap about the oil from the chain on your pant leg that really set me off.
    But, yes, in the long run, you are right and HOG is right. The only real key is to ride and have fun, in whatever way does it for you. I guess that Deuce trying to make it out like the fun passed into history because he doesn’t care for GPS and cell phones made me want to tell him I don’t think that has anything to do with it. Like KTDID said, she prefers a motel at her age. Dave, Dean, you, me and everyone else here cares passionately for riding.
    Maybe it ain’t what it used to be for Deuce, but I repeat what I said over at Motorcycle Philosophy – IT’S BETTER!

  9. I love your long rebuttals. They are entertaining. I was already working this article when I came across the Deuce deal so don’t think this is a reaction to that. I knew I could count on a good “who is a biker and who isn’t” example at Motorcycle Philosophy.

  10. KT,
    “Back to the basics”…now that’s what I’m talking about!

    It is supposed to be 6 degrees on Saturday morning (no, that’s not a typo)…I don’t think I’ll be riding any time soon

    Are we talking about riding or the hokey pokey? 😉

    Lady R,
    I can’t see it not being fun any time in the near future either

    To each his own. Keep enjoying what you think is fun and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

    You sound a lot like Jay. Maybe you can both keep reminding each other to keep the faith

    It’s the new religion…keep on riding on…

    For what its worth I agree. Just because times have changed doesn’t mean it isn’t as good anymore. Technological advancements can be a real advantage. And most of us “keep it real” on some level…whatever is enjoyable to us.

    Thanks everybody for stopping by. It is always good to hear your comments (pro or con) and keep a good conversation going. Ride safe!

  11. That’s similar to what I tell my nervous new instructcors. The number one rule when you work with me is: Don’t forget to have fun!

    It’s an important reminder, thanks!

    By the way, I showed my wife that story and she wanted a copy of it. She thought it was so funny and illustrative of men and women, she wanted to share it with her friends.

  12. I would send you the original e-mail Dan, but I appear to have deleted it.

  13. Someone on my dart league asked me about Football and the playoffs. I said I don’t follow sports, I just Ride and Have Fun on my motorcycle. The End.

  14. Thats why on my site the tagline is “Where it’s all about the ride” because when it comes down too it, that’s all that matters. Ride and have fun doing it.

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