HJC SY-MAX 2 Modular Helmet Product Review

Riders Discount supplied me with an HJC SY-MAX 2 modular helmet to review. The timing is perfect because I wanted to use a full face modular helmet for cold weather riding. So far I have used the helmet on two cold weather rides and the helmet sure does keep my head warmer than my three quarter helmet. There is also reduced wind noise.

HJC SYMAX 2 with integrated sun screen

I like the modular helmet because you get the benefit of a full face but can flip the helmet open when you want to; like a three quarter helmet with a face shield. I was also experiencing helmet wobble with my three quarter helmet when used with my wind shield. The vibration from my helmet was giving me headaches on long highway trips so I was looking for a solution. The more secure full face helmet with cheek pads fits more betterer and the helmet shake is reduced drastically.

HJC SY-MAX 2 Modular Helmet

According to my contact at Riders Discount this is “the hottest selling modular helmet right now.” It retails for $261 and I recommend the helmet for those of you interested in a full face model. This is a high quality product at a reasonable price and is offered in an assortment of attractive colors. I got silver but I wish I got Anthracite shown below.

hjc modular helmet anthracite

Here is a list of SY-MAX 2 features:

  • Advanced fiberglass Spectra® composite weave shell
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards
  • Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • Single button one handed adjustable polycarbonate “flip-up” chin bar/face shield
  • Impact absorbing EPS liner
  • Hard coated and optically superior 3D shield design provides 95% UV protection and an anti-scratch coating
  • Quick, secure and tool-less shield removal and installation
  • One-Touch integrated smoke-tinted SunShield deploys quickly and easily
  • 3 Stage multi position SunShield system
  • “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System creates full front to back airflow flushing heat and humidity up and out
  • Large eye port design ensuring maximum visibility
  • Moisture-wicking and odor free SilverCool™ interior with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric
  • Comfortable removable and washable interior liner and cheek pads

Here is some information from www.RidersDiscount.com

The next generation of the SY-Max is here. Modular design is taken further with the SY-Max 2 by adding the internal smoked visor. This internal visor drops from the forehead area acting like a pair of sunglasses. The standard face shield can be up or down when the integrated sun visor is down. Anti bacterial SilverCool material lines the removable padding for an easy washing and odor free ride. Take all the convenience of a flip up and add the ingenuity of HJC design for great touring helmet.

Fellow motorcycle blogger Dale Franks experienced a nasty crash about the same time I received this helmet. He was hit by a delivery driver and thrown from his motorcycle while wearing the SY-MAX 2 helmet. Click here to read the post. Here is a quote:

I was thrown clear of the bike at some point, and the impact drove the edge of my composite toe on my left boot right into the base of my big toenail, which I expect I’ll lose, in due course, and my left knee got wrenched a little bit, probably from rolling on the ground. I remember my helmet hitting the pavement and sliding along a bit,  and thinking, “Man, I’m glad I have a full face helmet.”

When I asked Dale if he was wearing his HJC SY-MAX 2 when the crash took place he replied “Yeah, I was wearing that helmet. It saved me from becoming a broccoli floret when my forehead hit the pavement.” This helmet works and I’m glad for Dale’s sake that it worked well!

I first used this helmet with a neck warmer (like Ann’s Neckie). My face was warm, my neck was warm, but the underside of my chin and jaw was exposed and cold. I tried it with a ZanHeadgear nylon balaclava from JC Whitney but that was too thin and thus too cold. So next I tried the helmet with my neck warmer that has a nylon balaclava style hood attached. This worked. I was finally warm all over! Next I tried using the nylon balaclava with the ZanHeadgear neck warmer in combination. This  combo was just as warm but more comfortable.


  1. Something inside the helmet seems to be rattleling a little bit. Perhaps part of the integrated sunshield mechanism.
  2. The clear flip up face shield has a tab that you can use to flip it open (which you must do at red lights to keep the shield from fogging). My only real complaint about this helmet is that the tab is on the left side. This drives me crazy! I am not left handed and I don’t take my hand off the clutch at stop lights because I keep the bike in gear in case of emergency. Why not put the tab on the right side or both sides? that would be much better! Then I could flip the shield open easily!
  3. Glimmerman thinks I look like Rick Moranis in Spaceballs while wearing this headgear.

Space Balls


  1. Warm
  2. Secure fit
  3. Reduced wind noise
  4. Probably works well with CB radio headset
  5. Can save you from becoming a broccoli floret