New Record at RC USA

Yea! Yesterday we hit a record of over 150 visitors for one day. We started this motorcycle blog a year ago with 90 visitors last January. Every month we get more visits. Last month we almost hit 3,000 and today we broke past 3,500 visitors for the month!

To celebrate I’m going to post the new version of the I’m Too Sexy RC video. We experienced some technical problems and Diana had to recreate this favorite.

In the Groove

It’s me! The princess of biker blogging.

I’ll never forget my first experience with grooved pavement:

A few years ago when I was first learning to ride, I took my little Sporty out for a spin after school one day.  I took some back roads down around and through the reservior and over to Finksburg where I hooked up with a friend who had taken me on my very first ride ever.  After riding around for a bit and stopping at Twin Kiss for a casual dinner, we realized that not only was it the heart of rush hour but it was beginning to get dark.  I had 2 options for getting home:

  1. Go back the way I came — This would take about 40 minutes, I’d be riding with no streetlights or anything to illuminate my way other than my own little headlight, and the deer would be jumping out in front of me in droves as I rode through the woods.
  2. Take the main strip — This would only take about 10 minutes, and would be well lit.  But did I mention the six lanes of 60 mph rush hour traffic?

OMG, I just got up to sixty for the first time an hour ago!  And with all of those lanes and all of that traffic?  I’m thinking hell no!  But my friend convinced me that all of the traffic was coming towards Finksburg and I would have multiple travel lanes the other way practically to myself.  I grudgingly admitted he was right, and off I went.

I was doing fine for about a half a mile, until I saw the signs that said Road Work Ahead and Caution-Grooved Pavement!  AAaaaarrrgh!  Good grief, if I knew about this I would have taken my chances with the deer!!!

After freaking out for a few seconds, I collected myself, moved to the you’re-too-slow-to-make-it-up-this-huge-hill lane, and concentrated on what I remembered reading in my Motorcycle Operator Manual from the DMV:

Riding over rain grooves or bridge gratings may cause a motorcycle to weave.  The uneasy, wandering feeling is generally not dangerous.  Relax, maintain a steady speed, and ride straight across.

My steady speed was about 35 mph (well below the speed limit)…but then again, that’s what that slow lane was built for, wasn’t it?  After less than 5 minutes (which seemed like an hour), I was turning into my neighborhood and I began to breathe once again.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Over this past summer, DelDOT was quite busy repaving many roads around us.  One day I came to the main intersection a few blocks from home to discover that they had grooved up the pavement for resurfacing.  I travel through this intersection practically every time I leave my house.  It was nice that the big piles of gutter grit and road debrit had been cleaned out of the intersection, but now I was going to have to face grooved pavement again.  🙁

Relax, I told myself.  Keep a light grip on the handlebars, and glide straight across.  It worked fine the first time, and it worked fine again now.  Sure it felt like my bike was doing an involuntary cone weave underneath of me, but supposedly that’s what it should feel like.

It has been about six monthd, and the intersection still has not been repaved.  Riding on the grooved pavement has become routine.  I just can’t wait for spring to come so I can get back out there, and back in the groove….

Gloves: How many is too many?

Diana’s riding gloves

How many pairs of riding gloves do you own?  If you are like most of us, probably a lot.  I have one pair of boots, two helmets (I only use one of them), 3 jackets (lightweight denim, multi-season with light armor, and heavy leather), one pair of chaps, and zillions of gloves!

Diana’s riding boots

Diana’s Flip Flop Collection

Why so many gloves?  I think it is like a woman’s collection of shoes.  There are casual shoes, dress shoes, work shoes, workout shoes, shoes in multiple colors, sandals, boots, flip-flops, and of course the obligatory pair of purple Converse All Stars!  Each pair of shoes has its own time and purpose.   There may be a pair of old-stand-by’s that work most of the time, but then there’s always that occasion when a different pair is a better choice.

Purple Chucks

Diana’s dress shoes

Harley fashion boots

Similarly, each pair of gloves has its own time and purpose.  Nothing works for all occasions, but there is something for every occasion.  There are summer gloves, winter gloves, waterproof gloves, windproof gloves, fingerless gloves, gauntlet style gloves, and heated gloves.  There are gloves that leave crazy tan marks on the back of your hands.  There are gloves that allow the sun to tan your hand right through them.  There are leather gloves, textile gloves, mesh gloves, sheepskin gloves, vented gloves, and lined glovesGloves with gel palms, gloves with a thumb squeegee, gloves with knuckle armor, gloves with fringes, and gloves with reflective piping.  There are so many choices it makes me dizzy!

Harley battery operated gloves battery pack and chargerHarley Davidson Women’s battery operated heated gloves

Personally, I want to get a pair of battery-operated gloves.  I am not one for the cold, but yet I don’t want to miss out on those many opportunities to ride in the late fall and early spring.  The weather is nice, but the temps are a bit chilly.  I can layer up, but the first thing that gets cold is my fingers.  And I am a bit leery of the concept of being wired to my bike.  So these new battery-operated heated gloves from Harley Davidson appear to be just the thing to do the trick.

What about you?  How many pairs of gloves do you own for riding?  Do you have a favorite?  Is there a specific new kind you are looking for?  Have you tried battery-operated gloves?  What do you think of them?

Note from the Editor: the links in this post are in no way intended as an endorsement for these websites and if you make a purchase we do not receive a commission.

101 Things You Know About Me

Jay on his first Harley Davidson motorcycle

Writing a bizarre list of 101 cute but quirky things about yourself has been all the rage lately (mostly with the lady bloggers). These lists have proven to be quite entertaining so I thought I should make a list. I had a small problem with my list; everything I thought of putting on my list wasn’t a secret. For the most part I blabbed about everything right here on my blog in the past 12 months. Then it hit me… I can make my list another official Road Captain USA contest!

Here is a list of 20 things about me, sorry it’s not 101.

Can you fill in the blanks on the first 18?

The first person with the correct 18 answers will win a FREE pair of Irwin Vise-Grip 6″ 150mm Bent Nose Pliers part# 2078226. They were sent to me by Irwin for promoting their Vise Grip Essay contest back in SeptemberTheir marketing people at MS&L sent me a box of 20 different vise-grips. They make great tools! I gave a bunch away as prizes at our HOG meeting earlier this month but I saved this pair of bent needle nose pliers for my readers.

You might have to hit the Road Captain USA archives to find the answers. At some point if no one gets a perfect score I will award the prize to the person who came the closest.


1. My favorite beer is _______

2. Last summer Diana and I took a trip with _____

3. I have owned ______ Harley Davidson motorcycles so far

4. My first motorcycle was a 1980 Yamaha ______

5. I finally started wearing a biker _______

6. I think _________ chrome polish is the bomb

7. I have _____ tribal tats

8. I have been divorced ____ times

10. I live in the _____ state

11. Someday I hope to be a wise old master _______

12. My first Sportster had ________ pipes

13. My second Sportster had _______ pipes

14. My ________ has stock pipes

15. I met Big ________ at Freedom Fest in West Virginia

16. I became an official Road Captain in _______ of 2008

17 . My first overnight HOG trip was in ________ of 2007

18. My new religion is _____&_________

19. I used to wear boxers, then I went commando and now I wear boxer briefs

20. I’m a spaz

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My New Rack and Rear End

Rack & Rear End

The Chrome Fairy stopped by the Green household over the holidays and dropped off some goodies for my Super Glide.  There was a 7-inch chrome luggage rack and a layback license plate & frame to dress up my bike’s rear end.  He also dropped off some highway pegs with heel stirrups.

Kuryakyn stirrup peg 8076

Although I did go for a short ride on Christmas day, I did not really get a chance to try out the cruise pegs (made by Kuryakyn).  I am excited at the prospect that the stirrups will add a little more for me to secure my foot on since my legs barely reach the cruise pegs.  But since we have now winterized my bike, it will have to wait until the spring for a review on how well they work out for me.

Anyway, back to my rack and rear end….

Harley-Davidson describes my Super Glide as “a pure riding machine or a blank canvas for your custom vision.”  This is actually one of the reasons I chose this model in the first place.  I do like the stripped down pure machine look of it, however its blank canvas status leaves the bike seriously lacking in the amenities department.  As Joker has previously stated, the stock license plate mount on Harleys is cheesy and ridiculous.  The plate stands erect as if injected with too much Viagra, and the bracket only provides support in the middle of the plate leaving the top corners vulnerable to catch on everything that swings by them and get all bent up.  So I really wanted to get a sleek laydown plate.  Jay (aka the Chrome Fairy) also got me a very nice frame to accent the whole piece.

He went to purchase the Harley Davidson Layback License Plate unit that costs $41.95 part# 60280-07. One of the the guys at the parts counter at Hannum’s Harley Davidson recommended the unit made by V-Twin part# 31-3943 which can be mounted at two different angles and costs $30.99. He used the extra money he saved to buy the Chrome Harley Davidson License Plate Frame part# 60050-01 which retails for $21.95

As much as I like the sleek look of the back fender with the solo seat, I did have a problem with not having a way to carry along anything that didn’t fit in my fork bag.  I would say the vast majority of bikes have passenger seats, so demand for a solo ride luggage rack is apparently scarce.  We did find one at the Dennis Kirk website (where you can check out pictures of that mysterious blonde model).  This slightly larger rack is made by Motherwell for a Dyna and is an inch wider than the standard 6″ rack.  It should do a great job of supporting a tail bag, so I can bring along that extra sweatshirt or rain gear.  I am still totally impressed at just how perfectly the curved line of the rack matches the curve of my fender!

Check out these before and after pictures:

 Before After

What do you think?  Everything just “fits” together so well!  It looks like it was designed that way.  All of the lines blend perfectly.  I get to keep my pure machine look while adding just a little bling.

Chrome Contest for Free T-Shirt

Mystery Chrome

How well do you know your chrome? I will give away an XL Blue Job T-Shirt to the first reader who correctly identifies this chrome item photographed on my shop floor. If you don’t know what it is, make a guess or just tell me what you think of my 80’s splatter paint job on the floor. Thank you for participating in the first ever Road Captain USA contest.

Please check out my previous posts on Blue Job Chrome Polish by going to my archives page and checking out the section on Product Reviews. While in the archives you can check out all the posts that you may have missed.