Running with the Devil – Book Review

Running with the Devil is a real nail biter! A true page turner; I couldn’t put this down. I kept waiting for the undercover ATF agents to be discovered by the Hells Angels and tortured to death!

The author, Kerrie Droban, is a female criminal defense attorney who writes suspense thrillers. In this case she has access to files for what is supposed to be a true life account of a sting operation conducted by the ATF called Black Biscuit. In her book she documents the harrowing adventure of ATF agents who posed as a fake MC, prospected for the Hells Angels and successfully infiltrated the organization. You may have seen parts of this story in documentarys and interviews on TV. Check out these interviews with former agent Jay Dawbyns. It looks like Jay will be releasing his own book in February which may prove to be even better than Running with the Devil.

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Claymont, DE

I promised my blood brother Gordy that I would ride with him in the annual Claymont Christmas Parade. So it didn’t matter that it was 28 degrees out this morning, I was going riding! Besides, I was anxious to try out the new full face modular helmet that Riders Discount sent me.

I showed up on time at the Boston Market and met up with five other motorcyclists. None of them were from HOG but I just figured no one from our chapter showed up due to the temperature or because of the rumor that Gordy was in Spain. The other five motorcyclists and two passengers were very cool and we had a great ride up to Penns Grove, New Jersey where we met up with approx two hundred other bikers for a police escorted Toy Run.

It was The Little Smile For Christmas Toy Run which is an annual event which I think is organized by the Penns Grove VFW.  The ride was a police escorted parade from New Jersey to the AI Dupont Childrens Hospital here in Wilmington, Delaware. Santa Clause rode bitch on the lead bike which may have been a police bike. They were lead by three sheriff cruisers down Interstate 95 and across the Delaware Memorial Bridge. State troopers blocked exits and traffic. The Delaware Bridge Authority assisted and lead us across the bridge and blocked the other traffic. A very nice ride! I wish I had not forgotten my camera.

We arrived at the Childrens Hospital to be welcomed by Christmas carrolers. It was really cool and very Christmassy. The six of us from Delaware left the hospital and headed to the Deer Park Tavern in Newark for a little more Christmas cheer as the parade headed back to Jersey. I had one beer with my new found friends and went home. I had a euphoric holiday feeling riding home glad to have made new friends and had a great ride not to mention the heart warming Christmas experience at the childrens hospital… or the one beer I had on an empty stomach made me all warm and fuzzy.

When I got home I told Diana about the ride and she pointed out that I must have accidentally gone on a completely different ride than the Claymont Christmas Parade. Then I got a voice message from Gordy telling me they had a great ride without me. It wasn’t until then that I realized I went to the wrong Boston Market and coincidentally joined up with bikers who had arranged to meet up on the social website Biker Or Not. I’m glad I met my new friends and it was a great ride! I wish I had taken pictures so I could share them with you. I hope Gordy forgives me for missing his ride! Sorry Brother.

Please excuse me as I have to get ready for our FSH Christmas party. Thanks for visiting my motorcycle blog and taking time to read about my little holiday parade confusion. Merry Christmas everyone!

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An Early Christmas for Me!

HJC SYMAX 2 with integrated sun screen

Wow, it’s like an early Christmas for me today! I got a free full face helmet and a 16 month calendar featuring “the sexy stars of nude magazines and videos” with The Dirty Dozen Gang! Keep in mind I didn’t order this!

I ordered a few calendars from as gifts for family. Apparently somone in the fulfillment department got confused and sent this calendar featuring nude adult actresses instead of the Ansel Adams calendar I ordered for my brother. Hmmm, I wonder how this happened? How does one mistake porno for B&W scenescapes? I feel really bad for the dude who ordered his hot naked steamy porn star calendar. Imagine his disappointment when he receives a calendar featuring B&W photography of American landscapes. I hope they send me the right calendar in time for Christmas! I think my brother might pass out if I give him this one. It’s a good thing I didn’t request the FREE gift wrapping! If I get stuck with this I’ll have to send it to Joker.

Porno Calendar  Ansel Adams Calendar

They are almost the same, I can see the resemblance!

Some really cool people at a company called Riders Discount sent me an HJC Modular Full Face Helmet to test out! I’m thinking this will keep my head warm while riding in the winter. Riders Discount has over 400,000 products and a low price guarantee. Most of their product line is geared toward the sportbike market but they intend on expanding. You can call them at 1-866-931-6644 and tell them the Road Captain sent you or check out their website at

Keep an eye out for my review on the HJC SY-MAX II full face modular helmet with integrated sunshield. I feel like Darth Vader when I put this on but I’m not gonna complain if it keeps my head warm in December and January. I also hope this “wind tunnel tested” helmet eliminates the vibration I experience when I ride with my windshield on.

HJC SY-MAX 2 Modular Helmet
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Wow It’s Almost Been a Year!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s December already! I started blogging on January 1st and it has been an amazing experience. I made friends all across the country and have motorcycle enthusiasts visiting my website from all over the world. I can’t help but feel a kindred cyber Harley Davidson biker brotherhood with Joker and Dave since we started blogging about the same time. It’s not easy putting your thoughts, feelings and oppinions out there for the whole world to see and comment on. Both have been very supportive by offering their comments, suggestions and product recomendations. It’s like we were friends who all decided to do this together and that made it easier. If you are not familiar with their blogs, do yourself a favor and visit the Road Grits Cafe and My Harley Davidson Mystique. All three of us write about riding Harleys but each has his own slant on the topic.

Congrats to Lady R at Glider Rider who will hit the first 12 month mark this month; December 28th to be exact! She also writes a great blog about riding Harley Davidson motorcycles.

If any of you out there in cyber land want to start your own motorcycle blog… Go For It!