What’s up with Exile Cycle? And where is Russell Mitchell?


Have you seen the latest Comcast commercial showing several small business owners and featuring Exile Cycles?  There is some dude wearing an Exile tee & strolling around acting like he owns the place…but it is clearly NOT Russell Mitchell!!!  Who is this guy?  Is he a business manager or something?  And what happened to Russell?  Please don’t tell me he sold out!!!

Apparently acting is exactly the right word.  Comcast is a rather conservative company, and they felt that Russell’s tattooed body and mohawk were a bit too hardcore for their customers.  So they hired an actor to impersonate Mitchell for the ad.  Russell does actually appear in the TV spot though…posing as a mechanic in the background!

Diana and Russell

So if you freaked out (like I did) when you saw the ad, wondering what on earth happened to Russell Mitchell…don’t work yourself in a tizzy.  He is alive and well — still building awesome bikes and visiting motorcycle shows around the world practically every weekend.  Chances are you will see him somewhere in the upcoming season.  And if you are lucky like me, he might even tell you that you smell nice and then buy you a beer!  😉

7 Responses to “What’s up with Exile Cycle? And where is Russell Mitchell?”

  1. I love Russell’s bikes…but if he tells me I smell nice we’re going to have a problem.

  2. Sounds like Comcast is a bunch of wussy morons! Let Russell be who he is. What they did is just plain stupid, and the fact that Russell Mitchell let them do it is even more stupid!

  3. I don’t know a damned thing about his ability to build bikes, but I can see he has great taste in women!

  4. I’m sure he received a decent pay check regardless if he was in the background or up front.

  5. You talkin’ about me, Joker?? (blush)

  6. Mmmm….Russell…


  7. Everytime i see that commercial it drives me insane…so finally had to look it up and wonder what happen to Mitchell
    and luckily came across it on your page…
    P.S. I would so love to see Russell over that guy anyday!

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