First State HOG of the Year Award


I debated whether or not to write this post because I don’t want to come off like I’m toot’n my own horn. But if I don’t write about this then it diminished the importance of the award… so here goes!

I was awarded with the prestigious 2nd annual HOG of the Year award by First State HOG for 2008 at our year end holiday party last weekend! I have not won many awards or trophies in my life so this is a proud moment for me, especially because it is related to something I am so passionate about. Our members vote during our October and November general meetings by secret ballot for the member who most represents what being a HOG member is about. I love that my fellow FSH HOG members recognize the effort I put into being a HOG officer and Road Captain. I hope that I inspire new members and renew the enthusiasm of our long time members. I don’t have children so it’s not like I’m going to win the Iron Dad award anytime soon; so this will be my crowning achievement!

The award itself is an awesome copper statue of a soaring eagle with outstretched talons and wings. The detail, especially in the feathers, is incredible. The statue stands 17.5″ tall and has a wingspan of 17.5″

I love it and thank every one of my HOG brothers and sisters. This award means a lot to me. I hope to serve you well as our new FSH Director for 2009.

First State 2008 HOG of the Year award
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14 Responses to “First State HOG of the Year Award”

  1. congrats!! You’re not tooting your horn either, it’s a well eaned achievment, but i do understand how you’d feel but you just shouldn’t; 😉 pretty dang cool. It’s beautiful!

  2. Toot away I say! You can be proud of your achievement! Too many times, only a few will step up to take the lead in a group setting. Congratulations on being a good leader! Awesome statue too! I’m sure you’ll find a good home for it. If not, you can send it my way, I’ll take good care of it. LOL!

  3. Congratulations! And if you don’t toot your own horn, who the hell will?! LOVE the statue! I’m sure you’ll find a proper place for it. 🙂

  4. Way to go. Don’t feel like you are boasting. You should be proud, and honored. Happy to share in moments like these with friends! Way to go!

  5. Good for you! I agree with the rest of the comments. There is nothing wrong with feeling good about an accomplishment! Congrats!

  6. Hey, ain’t nothing wrong with letting your friends know that you have achieved something you are proud of. If they are truly your friends they will slap you on the back and say, “Way to go R/C!”. (so take that as my slap on the back.)

    What is really great about this, is that your peers are the ones who presented you with this. You can’t get much better than that. You have gained the respect of those you respect…that speaks alot about who you are.

    Screw people who would say you are bragging. Brag on because you earned it. Maybe more so than others because you have endured some wicked dust devils over the past year or so that have thrown dirt in your face.

    Congrats! Savor the moment and enjoy. Good to see persistence and passion pay off.

  7. I thank all my online friends for your support. It’s really nice to hear from you all.

  8. Congratulations! Spreading the love of the HOG. Be proud. You obviously do a great job and everyone appreciates you!

  9. Congrats!
    The respect of your peers.
    Not easily gotten.
    And when recieved…is well earned.
    Proud to know ya.
    Lead on

  10. I say TOOT that Horn! CoNgRaTs! on your award, I would be proud as hell if it were me. Keep it up and be proud!!

  11. Fantstic. You have to of deserved it. They voted for you. Keep up the good work.

  12. I echo Big D’s words. The respect of your peers is something to be proud of. I know from being a member of my HOG Chapter that you don’t get such recognition without a hell of a lot of hard work. The rides you’ve organized, plus lots of other stuff I’m sure you’ve done that we don’t even know about no doubt led to this. Director eh? That was FAST! LOL, I won’t be joining you any time soon I don’t think. EVERYBODY seems to want to be Director of Blackstone. I’m just glad you finally got a vest to sew your “DIRECTOR” patch on to!

  13. Glad to have you back Joker. I was concerned but figured you had some business to deal with. Thanks for the props!

  14. I hate to admit it, but I’m not totally altruistic. I seem to want a pack on the back once in a while. These kind of things are good for everybody. The award is a heck of a pat on the back for you. Both from your peers and the organization. I remember the beginnings of your blog. The dedication and wide-eyed wonder that it was even possible for you to be a Road Captain were evident. You’ve deserved the recognition. Just don’t ever lose the wide-eyed wonder!

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