Running with the Devil – Book Review

Running with the Devil is a real nail biter! A true page turner; I couldn’t put this down. I kept waiting for the undercover ATF agents to be discovered by the Hells Angels and tortured to death!

The author, Kerrie Droban, is a female criminal defense attorney who writes suspense thrillers. In this case she has access to files for what is supposed to be a true life account of a sting operation conducted by the ATF called Black Biscuit. In her book she documents the harrowing adventure of ATF agents who posed as a fake MC, prospected for the Hells Angels and successfully infiltrated the organization. You may have seen parts of this story in documentarys and interviews on TV. Check out these interviews with former agent Jay Dawbyns. It looks like Jay will be releasing his own book in February which may prove to be even better than Running with the Devil.

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  1. This doc. was on the day you posted this. I’d seen it before. It is pretty good.

  2. […] inflitration of the Hells Angels previously covered here at Road Captain USA in the book review of Running with the Devil. Be on the look out for Dobyns promoting his book. I’m not sure how he will do that without […]

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