A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Claymont, DE

I promised my blood brother Gordy that I would ride with him in the annual Claymont Christmas Parade. So it didn’t matter that it was 28 degrees out this morning, I was going riding! Besides, I was anxious to try out the new full face modular helmet that Riders Discount sent me.

I showed up on time at the Boston Market and met up with five other motorcyclists. None of them were from HOG but I just figured no one from our chapter showed up due to the temperature or because of the rumor that Gordy was in Spain. The other five motorcyclists and two passengers were very cool and we had a great ride up to Penns Grove, New Jersey where we met up with approx two hundred other bikers for a police escorted Toy Run.

It was The Little Smile For Christmas Toy Run which is an annual event which I think is organized by the Penns Grove VFW.  The ride was a police escorted parade from New Jersey to the AI Dupont Childrens Hospital here in Wilmington, Delaware. Santa Clause rode bitch on the lead bike which may have been a police bike. They were lead by three sheriff cruisers down Interstate 95 and across the Delaware Memorial Bridge. State troopers blocked exits and traffic. The Delaware Bridge Authority assisted and lead us across the bridge and blocked the other traffic. A very nice ride! I wish I had not forgotten my camera.

We arrived at the Childrens Hospital to be welcomed by Christmas carrolers. It was really cool and very Christmassy. The six of us from Delaware left the hospital and headed to the Deer Park Tavern in Newark for a little more Christmas cheer as the parade headed back to Jersey. I had one beer with my new found friends and went home. I had a euphoric holiday feeling riding home glad to have made new friends and had a great ride not to mention the heart warming Christmas experience at the childrens hospital… or the one beer I had on an empty stomach made me all warm and fuzzy.

When I got home I told Diana about the ride and she pointed out that I must have accidentally gone on a completely different ride than the Claymont Christmas Parade. Then I got a voice message from Gordy telling me they had a great ride without me. It wasn’t until then that I realized I went to the wrong Boston Market and coincidentally joined up with bikers who had arranged to meet up on the social website Biker Or Not. I’m glad I met my new friends and it was a great ride! I wish I had taken pictures so I could share them with you. I hope Gordy forgives me for missing his ride! Sorry Brother.

Please excuse me as I have to get ready for our FSH Christmas party. Thanks for visiting my motorcycle blog and taking time to read about my little holiday parade confusion. Merry Christmas everyone!

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10 Responses to “A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Claymont, DE”

  1. Oh, I forgot… thank you to my lovely wife for having warm cocoa with marshmellows ready for me when I got home. It helped to thaw me out.

  2. Mr. RC: That is too funny! Pretty wild that there would be two toy runs and people meeting up at two different places of the same name. I bet you had to be wondering why you didn’t know anyone at this toy run. But the best part is it sounds like you still had fun, that’s the important part.


  3. Fasthair, I had a blast and of course that is most important as long as my blood brother Gordy see’s it that way. I feel bad for not making it to his ride. He participates in my long distance rides and my local rides. He is always giving me advice from an experienced Road Captain to a new one. I should have been there… but it was an honest mistake.

  4. Now that’s what we in the south call, “Right string… wrong yoyo”. Sounds like it ended up being an enjoyable ride, even it it was the wrong one! LOL! Glad you had a good time, and the hot chocolate and marshmallows sound great! Mmmmm!

  5. You Southerners have such a great way with words. Up here everyone just says “you dummy”.

  6. Hi Jay, LMAO that is way funny. I am the girl with the tunes. LOL. It was great to meet up with you yesterday also. We will keep you posted on any runs that we get together. 🙂 Hope you have a nice holiday.


  7. Hi Jay!
    I am the girl with the blue Fatboy. I wondered how you knew about our ride!! We had a great time with you. It’s always nice to meet new people to ride with! You should start a page on bikerornot.com!

  8. Glad to hear from you Leesa! I think I might just take a look at the http://www.bikerornot.com and start an account there.

  9. LOL, I’m rolling here. phhhheewwww. …hold on a minute….mwhahahahahahahaha!

    Hey, this was a great post. You met some new friends and had a great time. I really got a kick out of this for some reason. We all have a huge family that we have never met and I find that out every time I head out.

  10. I was reading this at work, and I could not stop laughing! I had everyone in my office read it, and we were all hysterical! I’m glad you met some new friends. I still wouldn’t go riding if it was that cold, though. 🙂

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