New Harley Davidson 2009 XR1200 Has Been Released

The new XR1200 from Harley Davidson

The XR1200 has been released in the US!  Inspired by the legendary XR750, the XR1200 is the newest member of the Sportster family, and comes to the US following its Europe-only release back in April.

As you may know, the XR750 was the most dominating American dirt track racing motorcycle of all-time, earning the Number One plate in an unprecedented 26 AMA flat track seasons.  In fact, as a tribute to the XR750, there is a pre-sale of only 750 XR1200 models from 12/1 – 12/15.

XR1200 in action

Drawing significant design influences from the successful Harley-Davidson XR750 motorcycles that set new standards for dirt track racing success over the last 30 years, the XR1200 features technical innovation to provide potent street performance and handling. In fact, Harley-Davidson dirt track racing legends Scott Parker and Rich King participated in the XR1200 development, along with European GP racing champion Adrien Morillas.

XR1200 standing still
The 1200cc Evolution V-Twin cranks out 90 hp with high torque. Rubber mounted to a new frame with a cast aluminum swingarm, the engine delivers exhilarating performance and responsive handling with less vibration. A unique upswept, high-volume 2-1-2 straight shot exhaust system includes dual mufflers and is finished in satin chrome.

A sport-tuned Showa® suspension with inverted 43 mm front forks and twin preload adjustable shocks combines with lightweight black cast three-spoke wheels to make the XR1200 ride and corner with feeling. Specially designed Dunlop® Qualifier D209 tires connect the rider to the road, while Nissin® four-piston calipers and large dual disc front brakes provide stopping power.

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10 Responses to “New Harley Davidson 2009 XR1200 Has Been Released”

  1. It’s no secret that I’m a sporty fan.
    I never was into the ‘sport bike’ craze.
    But……..Damn . I want one of those!!

  2. I hope you saw it here first Big D!

  3. Hope you find it’s worth the wait: we thought so over here. A proper modern Harley-Davidson, and a natural successor to the Sportster’s heritage.

  4. And here I thought I was the first to see this. 😉

    I like it! It reminds me of the Nighthawk S that I so loved in the 80’s. This is a sharp looking bike. Love seeing progression in it’s natural state. I am still a big fan of the retro look but this is acceptable.

    Looks like HD might be able to win over the younger buyer who is still on the fence.

  5. I agree Dave, it does have a bit of that crotch-rocket look that may bring over some of the young-uns.

  6. In marketing terms I believe this is a “Street Fighter” or “Naked Bike” which in my oppinion is a crotch rocket with no fairing. It’s like the chopper version of a sport bike; stripped down lean and mean. Did you all notice the rear set footpegs? Definitely not a “Cruiser” and definitely aimed at a unique market segment somewhere between Sportbike (Buell) and Cruiser (Sportster).

  7. I really like this bike, not as much as mine, but I wouldn’t say no if someone offered me one. 🙂

  8. At first glance I would almost swear it was a 750. Nice .

  9. BB, really…would any of us turn down a gift bike? 😉

  10. I was watching a documentary on Evel Kneivel yesterday, and he made several of his jumps on an XR750. 🙂 Cool!

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