Motorcycle Mania 3 – DVD Review

Motorcycle Mania 3 Jesse James Rides Agaian

This may be a little backwards writing a review of the 3rd documentary in a trilogy that follows Jesse James, but this may be the best of all three. I will have to go back and watch the first two to be sure.

Motorcycle Mania 3 Jesse James Rides Again is meaty in that Jesse lets you into what’s happening during a tumultuous year in his life filled with personal ups and downs. Careerwise Jesse is at a crossroads where he is trying to break out of a creative block and struggling with his own success. He is bothered by media coverage, fans and mainstream acceptance. He is a conflicted man both enjoying and hating his fame. At the same time he meets the girl of his dreams, marries her and then experiences a relationship that quickly turns violent and ends in a second divorce. I can very much relate to this part of the story.

The documentary revolves around Jesse James while he builds a special chopper for himself made out of copper. All this leads to a road trip with good friend Kid Rock. They mount two powerful West Coast Choppers and leave LA for Copper Canyon, Mexico. The trip is introspective for both our hero Jesse James and rock legend Kid Rock. They ride from the heart of LA to the nothingness and beauty of Mexico. Mexico and the open road provide the freedom from the hustle and commercialism of California as well as “the safety police”. They ride ATV’s in the desert, shoot assault rifles and experience life in a way that would border on being outlaw in the United States.

The cinemetography is great in the opening. The soundtrack rocks. Producers Thom Beers and Hugh King keep getting better at making these motorcycle documentaries. Jesse James and Kid Rock both have camera presence and you love every minute they let you into their personal world. 

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  1. Awesome DVD! I have to agree–number 3 is the best of the series 🙂

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