Hell Ride – DVD Movie Review

Hell Ride The Rebellion Against All There Is

AWESOME! I could watch this a million times. Like many of my favorite movies I had to watch it more than once to digest it. I’m gonna easily wear this disc out. It was produced by Quenton Tarantino and that alone should say it all. Larry Bishop writes, directs and stars in this tribute to the campy biker flicks of the seventies. The cast is incredible; Michael Madsen, David Carradine, Dennis Hopper and Vinny Jones play the baddest grittiest cold blooded outlaws to grace the silver screen in a long time. You’ll forget about those phoney Son’s of Anarchy on FX once you get your eyeballs on this piece of work. No white sneakers and clean hands on this cast. They look like they been rid’n for months on real choppers with no showers in their originals. It’s a spaghetti western revenge movie on motorcycles featuring all out brutality and sexuality filmed with artistry.  The banter is funny and the attention to detail is fantastic! Lots of hot biker chicks with and without clothes!

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  1. I still wish we would’ve been able to see it on the big screen… At least they didn’t wait long before releasing the DVD! Awesome flick!

  2. Sounds like a great flick! I’ll have to check it out.

  3. sounds like a great friday night idea GOT BEER???? don’t be downing my samcro

  4. Yes. Samcro put a hit on one of his own boyz, I don’t think I have to put him down. You can’t get any lower.

  5. Do I have to beat you with my crutch?????

  6. Dennis Hopper is the man. We must forgive him for making the odd bad movie because the guy is a legend. I even have him on my GPS as a voice I got form http://www.Navtones.com.

    Love this Film and it is great to have Hopper on a Harley again!

  7. I have not seen it yet. I guess I’ll have to check it out. I am a sucker for spaghetti westerns.

  8. Looks good to me. Wunder if it can keep up with SOA!

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  10. This movie got a lot of bad reviews and write-ups. But being a huge Tarantino fan, I had to rent it and find out for myself. I can see where a lot of folks might be turned off by this flick. But it’s Quentin Tarantino and Larry Bishop…what did they expect?!?

    I like it though. I’m with you. I’ll probably have to watch it a few more times to totally digest it all.

  11. I can see how it did poorly in the movies but I think it is the victim of no advertising budget to build up any hype. I like it better each time I watch it.

  12. I’m just trying to figure out why…..
    if so many hollywood-type people were so excited about acting in/working on this flick, then why couldn’t they find anybody excited about funding it?

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