American Motorcycle Service – Framingham, MA

Nasty Lil’ Fuck

The weekend before last I helped my friend Ray Bowers man his booth at the New Jersey Motorcycle Spectacular. Fortunately we were placed next to a display for AMS: The Chopper Connection and across the aisle from CC Trikes & Custom Bikes of Discovery Channel fame.

Scottt Porges and his assitant were both way cool and I enjoyed hang’n next to fellow massholes from back home. Yes, Scottt is unique and spells his name with three t’s and builds some killer custom bikes like the Jokesta, Rocket 98 and Nasty Lil’ Fuck. The Nasty Lil’ Fuck is a baby blue bobber and featured in the Art of the Bobber. American Motorcycle Service in Framingham, MA specilaizes in performance work and custom fabrication.

Rocket 98

Jokesta Detail

Jokesta Double Intake


Cool CFL Chopper


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