2009 Motorcycle Calendars

2009 motorcycle iron and lace babe calendar

Don’t procrastinate!

It’s time to order your 2009 motorcycle calendar NOW from Calendars.com or my Amazon.com bookstore where I have preselected all the 2009 motorcycle calendars for your easy shopping. Order now, thank me later. There are Bobber Calendars, Harley Davidson Calendars, Chopper Calendars, Biker Babe Calendars, Garage Girl Calendars! There are also Classic Motorcycle Calendars and Vintage Motorcycle Calendars. Those of you who went to Milwaukee and saw the HD museum will want to get the Harley Davidson Archive Collection Calendar.



Free Gift Wrap at Calendars.com with $20 purchase.

5 Responses to “2009 Motorcycle Calendars”

  1. Hmmmm, Christmas is a-coming! Big D will need a new calendar for the office. I can’t think of anyone else I’d want to buy one from. 🙂

  2. Well thank you, I am honored. Personally I like the Choppers & Bobbers calendar from Calendars.com see this link: http://www.calendars.com/xq/asp/PID.1/MGID.2800/IID.47251/gAffInfo.2_2797184/qx/product.htm

  3. You never think about how many calendars you need until the new year comes and you realize they are missing! I need one for my desk, one for Jay’s desk, one for the kitchen, one for my classroom, and 2 for Jay’s office at work (I’m still not sure exactly why, but he needs one open to the current month and one open to the following month at the same time-LOL)

  4. I give calendars to all my riding buddies for Christmas. The only thing is, I create my own. All year long I’m taking pics of rides and events and gettogethers. Then I have calendars printed where each month is a different picture, and no two calendars are alike. So not only do they look forward to getting theirs, they always want to see what everyone else’s looks like. They enjoy hanging them so others can see it, because it gives them a chance to talk about whatever trip the picture from. It’s become a tradition over the last 4 or 5 years, and if I miss someone, they get really disappointed.

    But you are right! Calendars make great gifts!

  5. Please feel free to copy my pictures off of my Flickr account to make my calendar for me. I can’t wait to get it!

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