Northface Redpoint Vest with PrimaLoft – product review

Northface Redpoint Vest and Campbell’s Soup

Sometimes the best motorcycle gear is not motorcycle gear…like this ski vest from Northface. Just before our spring trip into the mountains of Pennsylvania where it was still wet and cold I purchased two of these from Eastern Mountain Sports (one for Diana). Being that it was spring I figured I could get a good deal on left over winter gear and I was right. I got these for about 30% off.

The great thing about the vest is that it will increase your warmth with PrimaLoft technology but you won’t feel like the Michelin Man since you don’t have extra layers inside your sleeves restricting your movement. This vest is water and wind resistant. I credit these vests with making our Spring trip to Mansfield, PA and our Fall trip to New England bearable. Worn inside a high quality insulated leather jacket you can challenge Mother Nature on a cold and windy day. Top it off with a good rain jacket and you can survive a monsoon. Add a neck warmer or balaclava and you’re ready for some winter riding. You don’t have to wear the neck warmer on your head like I do to keep my bald head warm at rest stops; but I do recommend the handy dandy microwaveable Campbell’s Soup At Hand that you heat up and sip right out of the package (see above picture taken at a gas station near Stockbridge, Massachusetts).

If you want to take it off and stow it in the saddlebag they pack easily and take up little space. Like most vests you benefit from two to three more pockets including a neat little Napoleon chest pocket. Click here for more information. This also comes in a womens version that looks identical except it is slightly fitted for a women’s figure. I like the extended neck coverage. Short of buying an Aerostich vest for a small fortune or an electric heated vest that you plug into your bike with wires and cords this is the bombdiggity man!

Northface Redpoint Vest